Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Bourdon Spillover

When French lawyer William Bourdon was deported back to Paris, Hishamuddin Hussein claimed to say that Monsieur Bourdon had violated his visa which happened during his talk in Penang, the first leg of the Suaram fund-raising dinner. However, Hishamuddin actually lied on visa because by the Schengen visa Rules, an European citizen from one of the 25 European countries under the Schengen area is allowed to enter select countries with no visa required if period of visit is less than 90 days in the six month period.

This is part of Regulation 539/2001. According to the image above, Malaysia is designated under regulation above that allows visa-free to Schengen areas and vice-versa. (tagged as green in color). From what is learned that Bourdon's permit was cancelled under Section 9(a) of the Immigration Act, it seems that the scope of what an immigration director can do can be "limitless" because it can be cancelled without a reason.

But in any case, it's clear that Hisham lied and it reveals of the fear that of more damage if Bourdon is left to his own devices reveal a lot of things as what was documented in the Penang leg of the dinner. And of course, as what some said, it already spells out the cards that have laid out on the table unknowingly to the public, cryptically but it points to his cousin Najib. And that is his blunder in the part.

What does that simply mean?

When Bourdon speaks of the present events, including the revealing of the investigation papers to the public in September, the shit has hit the fan and whatever Najib's involvement, despite repeated denials have been proven true. It's clear that the man has been lying to save his asses not only from the public but the 3M faction within his own party.

And it clearly has hinted one thing: Najib is likely the third man in the photo of Razak Baginda and Altantuya. 

This is in addition to the French fact-finding that the deputy Defence minister at that time lied on who actually paid Perimekar the 114 billion Euros.

The least thing to buy more time would be two things: deport Bourdon (after receiving intel from Special Branch over the Penang chapter dinner) and of course the European visits to Rome and Vatican. That is obviously to get clemency before he risks getting subpoenaed.

Zahid's another of Najib's butter boys has quickly jumped the gun and wildly accused DAP and Suaram making use of him. However, one quote from Zahid caught the interest:

"Ask him to ask himself whether he got the right to defend the case here. If he would like to defend his case, do it in France, not here"

Indirectly, this also hints of cover attempt, in the way of how Zahid would respond and indirectly a blunder. It also contradicts the description of Bourdon who doesn't let any party manipulate and a famous human rights lawyer. The French court could possibly also penalize him for obstructing Bourdon's work here, if the French administration thinks that their work is impeded by Najib and co.

All in all, those three men have blundered themselves and Altantuya's ghost will always hang around.

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