Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking Anwar Out Doesn't Mean We're Out of The Woods Yet

"Many believe Anwar is innocent of the allegations of sodomy and the porn tape and what have you. If that is what we believe then let it be. Let’s not bother with an inquiry or investigation or whatever because the chances would be the findings or verdict will not be what we want."

One thing has caught my attention is of the excerpt mentioned above by Pete, and there is a battle of getting support to say either Anwar Ibrahim is the man in the Datuk T's sex video or otherwise. Last few months over in Twitter, one of my friends and a KITA high-ranking man was consistently and keep insisting that the man in the video is Anwar. There also have been rants of Anwar Ibrahim making secret trips to Thailand back and fro to do this kind of sexual intercourse, which Eskay was talking all about. Some BN MPs do share that kind of view but they don't say it very often.  And of course pro-UMNO bloggers have been talking the same thing over and over again, that is until the newer incidents occurred like Bersih or the MACC case thing. On the opposite end, the PR people insisted that Anwar didn't do it and they have been saying that the stomach of the performer in the video doesn't match Anwar or the nose doesn't match it and so forth.

Of course it is understood that the goal of the slug fest (PR whacks BN and vice-versa) is to get the support of 40 percent of the fence sitters to say that either Anwar Ibrahim didn't do it or he did it. That is, getting support of approximately 7 million remaining Malaysians to the either side of the battlefield.

Those kind of talk from my friend at times can get me feeling a little uncomfortable while it also got me looking into a bigger picture than being so obsessive on the subject called Anwar Ibrahim. At the very beginning, I have been insisting that I am no fan of him. The problem right now is that United Malays National Organisation's obsession is very dead set of taking Anwar out simply because he is a big threat to the party's and BN's hegemony for survival. As long he's running around and not in prison, it's a big headache for the party. Either jail time for Sodomy II or the full public awareness that he's the actor in the video would be the solution to that.

I was certainly sure that the obsession of taking Anwar Ibrahim out by BN does not mean that Malaysia will be out of the mire of problems that is presently at hand. There are bigger problems in hand and Anwar can be considered as the first or second chunk of the iceberg that could cause a shipwreck. The story of PIGS  is one case that horrifies us except for those simpletons in rural areas who have no clue of economics or whatsoever. When Ireland went into default, the government was ultimately kicked out by people in a no-confidence vote for it is the leaders themselves that got them into the country's financial mess that they had to agree to IMF's conditions of the bailout. This too is similar to Indonesia when it went default, Suharto got kicked out. 

But what about Malaysia? In 2009, Najib did a McCain thing by saying "our economic fundamentals are strong..". However, the numbers published on official papers may not seem to match the actual debts that the country is facing. And given of the current predicament that UMNO was willing to play dirty to maintain their political power (as according to the latest Malaysia related Wikileaks cable) it seems that economy factor is being second to none in order of priority. 

Here this of course involves whacking Pakatan Rakyat to kingdom come - ensure total obliteration. From here, we can see a IRA-style mentality that over present government is facing, even noticed in the Bersih 2.0 period. For instance if there is something that hits them in reputation, the government can at times go ballistic (you can notice of statements by leaders) because they see those things as capitulating to the enemy -even losing a battle, which is part of a war.

And should the worst things happen even if they manage to take Anwar Ibrahim out, and the government of the day still remains BN, then well, suffice to say that they are likely to get whacked kingdom come by an angry mob of people bigger than Bersih. If Malaysia defaults, well, FUCK is one famous four-letter word, the new four-letter word would be UMNO. And in this case, the statement and claim of "demonstrations are not our culture" would been proven wrong and we're still stuck in the thick forest even after taking the actor out of submission.

This piece is not intended to glorify AI but to look one level up than playing school boys level of game. Even if PR wins the general election, there's still a pre-condition of whoever can command the confidence of majority of the 222 MPs becomes the PM thing to be fulfilled prior to forming a new Cabinet. Of course in this case, MPs in both fronts have the right to have someone else as PM rather than AI. Some would say I whack PR but the people in constituents can actually go up to their elected MP and tell them that "I can accept others but AI as PM".

Pete's right in one point to say that don't bother of the investigation or something because the results may not be what is intended. If I expect a yes and I get a no, of course I would be upset. It's because you have a expectation in hand that you hope the answer matches the predicament. Maybe it's what I felt way back during school time. That's why when people ask me about what's the outcome on the sex video, I refuse to give any answer because I am sure that the answer may not be as what I want. I in fact added that I refused to comment anything until I see a proper answer.

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  1. BN is doing us a favor by taking Anwar out.
    By doing so, 10 more leaders will step forward.
    10 great, cleaner-than-BN leaders.
    Taking Anwar out is the beginning of the end for BN.


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