Wednesday, July 20, 2011

But It's Still A Lie, Right?

Several paragraphs of "Taken The Cleaners" by The Economist have been "black marked" by the Home Ministry in their allegations that those things mentioned are false. As the saying goes, he holds then pen commands the statement. The bigger the lie, the more it turns to truth as what Goebbels once said before.

The several lines black marked were:

1. "and one man died of a heart attack" (para 1)

Corroborated: According to the press conference just outside Bukit Aman last Saturday, Maj. Kasim Ahmad, the dead man's brother acknowledged that the man had a case of heart problems. Yes, heart problem contributed to the man's death in addition to an autopsy report that say of cracked ribs that the police did not revealed.

2. "The march itself was then banned, although the authorities offered Bersih a stadium to meet in—and then withdrew the offer." (end of para 2)

Corroborated: The day after Ambiga met the Agong at the palace, Najib went on press to say that they are prepared to offer a stadium for Bersih to hold the rally. However, the next day, Najib backtracked saying that he didn't say such thing. This was recorded by several people and posted on Youtube.

3. The heavy-handed police tactics have provoked a lot of anger; the government has conceded an official investigation into claims of police brutality. In one instance (caught on film), police seemed to fire tear gas and water cannon into a hospital where protesters were sheltering from a baton charge. (para 4).

Corroborated: Today, Ismail Omar has promised on transparent investigation into police brutality. Likewise, Amar Singh said: "We’re looking at the execution of duty, how we did our work. Whether it was done properly, whether everything was within the ambit of law and whether there was abuse." This clearly implies of the statement above.

Summary: So why does the KDN want to black marked that? The third point has already been acknowledged by the police. But such things imply that they want to lie to the people or in translation "menipu rakyat." Remember that in KDN, one of the main persons who decide on whether a book is banned or not in addition to Hishamuddin is this woman (see my previous posting on the Bible prior to Sarawak state elections)

In the second  point above, there has been a revealing info on one of the media advisers for Najib: TV3 CEO.

Then again, what they lie about claiming it didn't happen is still a lie right, with a lot of witness testimony?

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