Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Eulogy of Yasmin Ahmad

In the morning, the radio news mentioned of the passing of acclaimed local filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad due to a stroke on Saturday night.

I had significant recollection of Yasmin which was I think there was a Q&A thing that happened in Yahoo answers back in 2007. I wrote an answer to the question and in the end, my answer was selected as the best. The others is sometimes watching a 3-5 minute ad by Petronas that is no doubt directed by her during festive periods.

If Yusof Haslam did well in the 90s, the Yasmin was somewhat a figure of attention in the local cinema at this decade. There was one exception though that she could have venture to other genres except sticking to just the conventional humane drama. Local entertainment news could have been 'Yasmin making a horror movie..' Yasmin this and that.... and whatever titles they can call about.

But the payoff is that there are people joining the Malaysian cinema bandwagon and now that she is no longer there, who would be seen as the influence in this current age? Malaysia will have to set up a special fund / store where people are able to access equipment and lighting equipment if they are to able to make movies that can attract Hollywood and the value.

When I read of how she was taken to the hospital following the collapse in Sri Pentas, I find that they could have save her life if they had follow a method - Chinese first-aid method on dealing with people that has stroke. They could have but her in a sitting position, poke the 10 fingers and the ear lobes with a sterilized needle and let it bleed down as to help make a person conscious. Putting her into a ambulance makes it riskier since you tend to wobble when the ambulance is moving on the road.

This last three / four months, many famous people die within this week like Michael Jackson and someother people. I'm wondering if for some reason if that week is Death's favorite time of claiming the lives of people?


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