Friday, July 24, 2009

Will Daddy's Recipe Be Used on The 1st?

A friend of mine has constantly remind me to watch out for the worst thing to come again since the May 13 1969. The one sign of having everyone to be very extra vigilant is the anti-ISA gathering in the capital on the first or next week. According to Malaysiakini, it could be a collision course between the anti-ISA supporters against the pro-ISA supporters. Of course, we all know the reasons why the GMI and the people want to have that act dropped and replaced with something else, whereas the pro and the Perwaris people said that it is to protect Malay rights - obviously that doesn't make sense.

Excerpt from Malaysiakini:
Two groups - one for the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the other against it - are set for a collision course, as both will be holding mass processions towards the Palace next Saturday. GMI, a coalition of NGOs and opposition parties, plans to rally in Kuala Lumpur before marching to the palace to hand over a memorandum to the King.
When May 13 1969 incident happened, the declassified records and event from the words of Tunku Abdul Rahman revealed that Tun Razak was behind the whole thing. Since the event brings forth the possibility of anti vs pro, or collision course. this could be a testing platform to use 'daddy's recipe.'

Do you remember the announcement by Zahid Hamidi to have 300 army personnel in a platoon for each of the 222 parliamentary areas? That's a possible hint to suggest of bringing back the haunting moment 40 years ago by mobilizing in each area. Another hint is that since Najib is being pressed from all sides even from Mahathir, the daddy's recipe would be something he could resort too, if pushed too far. Hisham and Zahid could be on standby and the one that would influence could be Big Mama.

There could be agent provocateurs on that day itself nesting in either side that could spark off a disaster..

My first assessment of the jokers like Perwaris is that they are clinging on the relics of the past that is irrelevant in the current scenario and the age. There's only one reasoning why: if that thing goes off, they lose power and prestige that they held dear. It's not power that corrupts people, it's the fear of losing the power.

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