Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stop Playing Village Hero and Being Ketuanan Beggars!

Earlier Malaysiakini reports show that the Bukit Katil UMNO youth division started a night market rampage, destroying the PAS equipment there as PAS was doing a voter-registration drive. UMNO is believed to have made 8 reports, later claimed to be false by the state PAS Information chief.

It was pointed out that some of the people who carried out the voter registration drive carried authorized cards issued from the Election Commission. But seeing of the wreck of what UMNO did on that night prompted me to lament that these people are still playing the village hero, showing themselves as omnipotent and jaguh kampung whereas the time of showing that is over.

Yes, we have bigger problems to attend to and the problems in the economy, world disasters and etc doesn't know any bounds or races. In other words, everyone is hit. Playing more of a village hero tends to take our focus out of the actual bigger picture that has to be tended.

The Ketuanan Melayu social experiment has indeed deviated off from its original goals and intention. All this 30% requirement thing has now become a sick joke and it's like asking a cut for what they did not do with sweat and tears. They are instead better be branded as Ketuanan Beggars. It is already too late to improve the economy and it could have been done earlier, but Bedol Napoleon didn't really see it from the beginning.

1 Malaysia, as what Najib wanted to do will end up nothing like Islam Hadhari if such mentality persists. To my fellow Malay citizens, please stop being hoodwinked by bunch of jokers by believing what they claim to say.

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