Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remember Camp Musa vs Camp Ramli?

Although this was first reported back in 2007, the split in the police force still remains there, although the crack is not visible to the public's eye. Following Commercial Crimes division chief Ramli Yusuff's acquittal for his corruption charges, the DPP office has decided to appeal against the judge's decision of acquittal.

The reasoning is simple. If Ramli is back to resume his duties following his acquittal, the police force internally will be in trouble again particularly those within camp Musa Hassan. If you remember, Ramli has made significant findings of corruption, firstly the MAS scandal, where Tajuddin Ramli is heavily involved in and secondly, his subordinates, particularly ASP Hong and a few others have made discoveries and it was documented in their respective S.Ds that underworld figures are in collusion with camp Musa - particularly the much talked BK Tan. Although it is a mainly a business relationship, but it gives a picture to some people and namely opposition figures that the police is in collusion with underworld figures. They have also made findings of the rackets, gambling and betting syndicates in Tangkak, Muar, as according to this letter by then Deputy Minister Johari Baharom to Ramli.

Johari was then setup for a $5 million bribe accusation by his own people.

The much talked about Automated Enforcement System was traced back to be developed by a company - Web Power - connected to BK with the denominator between the developers and the police being a PDRM man Datuk Othman Talib. One question out here is why Web Power and not a open tender at that time?

Musa Hassan was given a two year extension back in 2007 but in all avenues he failed. Deaths of detainees, Altantuya, child rape and murder, street crimes and etc went up instead of going down. The problem is that there is not much improvement at all and things are going one step backwards. A round table was held today by the Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers and they have demanded that the King and the Police commission not to give the second extension to Musa. They should know that things will not go well given of the collusion with underworld figures.

The police people particularly those in the lower levels of the hierachy are facing a problem. They want to protect the people, do the job and do it according to the proper rule of law. But then they are given illogical orders by the top brass against the moral conscience. The "Do As I Say Or You're Transferred" Problem syndrome is showing its teeth. Refusal to do so means insubordination and being transferred elsewhere. I remembered that in BERSIH rally, some of them told me that the police themselves find it troublesome to be on station for something that is nothing or did not like themselves being ordered to be high-handed in their citizen handling routine there.

I find that at Saturday's anti-ISA people from outside are going to be very angry at the police because as according to DCP Mohd Sabtu Osman, deployment of personnel at most part of KL two days prior to the event. Well, there are two things for certain - people will find it very hard to go to the city because of police road block, not people converging to the palace and secondly, the police personnel there, will have to be called for duty for something unnecessary to be used for (read: people's money). People should know now that there is a split in the force and there are some who share the sentiment that the police force has gone way out of its greatness it achieved way back before the mid-90s.

Let's say and imagine if 10000 people are arrested on that day itself for carrying nothing that poses a threat (guns, knifes, machetes) but to come and voice their opinion of either saying yes or no to the ISA - and the news hits the world in Europe, America, other parts of Asia and otherwise, Malaysia is going to get very embarassed. And people being arrested in the Police Act for nothing. If it happens anyhow, the police better be ready to pay heavy damages and compensation in case people get acquitted over nothing.

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