Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Muhyiddin Said This, Mahathir Said That

When the government has announced of reverting back to Bahasa Malaysia for teaching Maths and Science from 2012 onwards, I have noticed a stark contrast of statements to the press by the DPM Muhyiddin and Dr. M.

The Malaysian Insider has this excerpt that raises questions on whether it was a spin to the pressmen:

"We had a very long discussion, for more than three hours,” he added.

Muhyiddin said he explained to Dr Mahathir how the policy could not be implemented as intended.

Among the problems discussed, he said, was the huge gap between national schools and vernacular schools as well as teachers’ poor command of the English language.

“Me and my officers have clarified the progress and problems faced by those involved,” said Muhyiddin.

“Tun accepted our views,” he added.

However, Dr. M has a different view and this is what he said in his posting:
Although my views were sought, they are not reflected in the decision.

And Malaysiakini has pointed out that Dr. M is unhappy over the reverting of decision.

Dr. M is indeed correct in this point. What Muhyiddin did is to a one step backwards to help make Malaysians to be more intellectual. It is a sign of a slap in the face of Dr. M by the one -eye jack (hence his moniker of Mat Sembab). What are you if you initially go ahead with the proposal only to revert it back after a period or so?

That is wrong indeed. Or in other words, a flip-flop. It is remark to say that

Now then, this event, deliberately confusing the public of what Muhyiddin said against the real words of Dr. M seems to spark off another political game already. If Najib wants to promote 1 Malaysia seriously, then this decision by Muhyiddin is against 1 Malaysia. This subtly hints of Ketuanan Melayu again, and part of enticing Malay support at grass root level.

If Najib is losing support from his fellow Malay men from UMNO because of promoting 1 Malaysia, Muhyiddin is doing opposite.

All in all, Dr. M is, as I believe he's very unhappy at the DPM.

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