Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Didn't We Warn You Zaid?

I only saw Zaid once while he was the NPC club on the printing problems in June 2008. But most of the time, I would meet those who are connected to him, the closest being his aides. We knew that the problem that Zaid would end up is already knocking at the door and even if he joins a party like PKR, his maverick style and antics would not last him long in a party.

And look what he got into right now. 

It was about 2 years ago that over a cup of coffee in Bangsar that one of the guys joining a group of us for a round of drinks told us about how he was with Zaid in Permatang Pauh during that by-election campaign. Said about considering to join PKR and hope to change things better. In fact the book, "I Too Am Malay" has a one section that shows of thoughts that justifies his decision. The man cautioned Zaid of joining because once in, he has to toe with the party line and to sum things up, he has to play with their rules or do not play the game at all. But Zaid was all game and went in, but when he tries get the party to dance to his tune, that's where the problem kicks in.

Both Anwar and Zaid are ex-UMNO no doubt and still to this day, the perception is that PKR is still sharing the same spotlight and shadow as in UMNO, albeit modified here and there. But the catch is Zaid is only 18 months plus int the party, while Anwar has founded the party for already 12 years or so. So who's really more in control, Zaid or Anwar? Comparing to Zaid and Azmin, Azmin is more wily in nature, (double degree), has been Anwar's political secretary since his DPM days and their relationship is quite that bosom and close, so surely they have been going through hell and back to put PKR as in its position right now. This is the key point that Zaid failed to understand until today. What Zaid did is attempting to rock the boat and rearranging things that create more complications rather than solutions, though Zaid wants to generate more solutions. 

PKR has a much more important agenda right now, which is their ultimate dream: winning Putrajaya and GE-13. This means that Anwar, Azmin and even Azizah can't be paying too much to Zaid's rants and his announcement to quit but instead focusing on going back to the drawing board and plan a strategy to fight BN. 

Someone suggested to him not to join PKR but instead help to lead the "Third Force" thing that some people have been advocating about. His rants, in style will not get any much benefits if being in a party but not running on, so I'd keep crossing my fingers until Friday. This morning, when I saw the news that Zaid wants to leave, I asked his associate, whether if he wants to leave the party since he's a Zaid's kaki. The answer was an obvious yes, since the system, tested for the first time went disastrous over alleged fraud and manipulation.

Didn't we warn you on this, pal?


  1. How do you feel when contesting for a position the election process was irregular, unfair and bias? People don't complain much if it's fair and free.


  2. So many have advised Zaid not to join PKR; PKR is Anwar and Azmin and NO ONE ELSE, not Dr Wan Azizah and not even Nurul Izzah. And no one can help PKR's loss of credibility unless you remove all the As in PKR and the 'yesmen' cohorts surrounding them.
    Yes Zaid should form another party to lead PR. He cant fit into PAS since PAS, very much like PKR is internally controlled by the Terengganu mafia where Mustafa Ali is PAS's equivalent of an Azmin in PKR. Zaid cant survive there too.
    And of course its ridiculous to suggest that Zaid should join DAP because everyone knows that DAP could barely hide its chinese chauvinism.
    So, no choice, a new party it is, QED, hooray!


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