Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Guessing Game on Cabinet Reshuffle

It's likely that within the next two weeks that Najib could be doing a cabinet reshuffle, which includes dropping several ministers, reinstating some and promoting those who didn't make it to the first lineup after April 2009 into the fold.

According to Free Malaysia Today, the likely ministers to be dropped include Shabery Cheek, Sabri Yaakob (a.k.a Ayah Dafi), Shaziman Mansor and Ng Yen Yen (who came under fire from other MPs over amount spent on oversea trips). Another name cropped out from word of mouth could be Rais Yatim since, his antics last month (filing a police report against bloggers drew the ire of Najib).

Two former ministers from Abdullah's cabinet, Tengku Adnan and Azalina are mentioned on those reinstated, with the latter likely to go back to the Tourism ministry if Yen Yen is dropped. 

Because of his handling of the Felda matter, Ahmad Maslan could be elevated to a full minister post. But the amount of duties means, that he had to vacate the UMNO information chief post, in which is believed that Idris Jusoh (ex-Chief Minister of Terengganu) taking over.

Khairy could be promoted to a deputy minister, as it is mentioned. Some other ministers could be shuffled to other portfolios, e,.g Hishamuddin could be moved to Defense Ministry.

It may not be final, but there's still a guessing game for now.

However, it is rumored the ministers identified in the who's who to be shuffled list was drawn up by Rosmah and her aides. If recalled previously, several circles and avenues described the appointment of Raja Nong Chik replacing Zulhasnan Rafique as a directive by Rosmah and her aides.

See that similarity? And as to live with the saying, thing are not deemed over until the Fat Lady shouts / sings / says so (pick one of the last three words).

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