Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, Are Cake Parties Now Considered Illegal?

Hey, it's just a cake party across several spots around Malaysia and MCA's own UTAR has been making noises warning students to not go for a party to celebrate something. See story here.

I don't think this idiot or "MALAON" by the name of Teh Chee Seng understands the difference of being a political event or not, but from what I see, here is that the party does not even involve political parties at all. And it's not a political event. Here's a wrong excuse of having the UUCA act being used even though it is evident that there are no political elements in here. What's more since today is a public holiday following the Eid-Adha festival, it's usually a party to celebrate and relax since it is an eve of a public holiday, especially if it falls on the weekday.

What this ingrate said is tantamount of privacy invasion. Has UTAR got no sense of respect of privacy, and so does the police if they decide to step in over a party thing?

Mahathir has misjudged the consequences of amending the UUCA act, where people now, not as in the late 80s or so started to be bolder and braver in bringing out things. Malaysia is supposed to churn bright people, not robots, and UUCA act does indeed reduces and presses people down into thinking and acting like a robot. 

I can see that MCA may still find less support than it used to be if there's another GE coming, except for loyalists and those who have no clue whatsoever about alternate frontlines, the Chinese would still snub MCA.

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