Monday, November 29, 2010

iPad in Malaysia: A Little Too Late

It is revealed that Apple iPad would be launched in Malaysia tomorrow. But I must say that it is already too late and far behind than other countries. Maybe it's because that the current trend of technology is little too slow to catch up than in Singapore or Australia.

I do not have the exact quotation price for the 3G + Wifi version of it. What was mentioned in the Star is that Harvey Norman chain of shops are selling the Wifi only version, 16GB at RM 1549. During my visit in Australia two months ago, the same model costs at $570 AUD minus 10% GST (628 AUD). After currency conversion, it seems that it is cheaper to buy here now that the gadget is out.

If there are travelers from other countries who have seen this in their home countries, surely they must have said that Malaysia releases it too late. And since there is a 3G + Wifi version due to be launched soon by major telco operators, it is likely that they will need to give a realistic plan to compete with YES and to let people choose between using the iPad or other phones (IPHONE, Blackberry, Android, etc)

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