Monday, November 29, 2010

References of Malaysia in Wikileaks

Wikileaks have already started publishing the approximate 250K documents collated from America cables all around the world, and the leaks have drew the ire from major world players, UK and America in particular are very embarrassed from the way the leaks were released. Sarkozy even called Wikileaks a threat to democracy. However, Pakistan already confirms what was leaked as the truth.
We might want to think that Wikileaks exposure is many times riskier in scale than publishing leaked documents of mismanagement and corruption in Malaysia as seen in the recent articles published by Raja Petra.

In the Cable gate section, there is one document that states point of origin coming from Secretary of State Clinton which mentions of two Malaysian companies, in relation with Pakistan and of missile technology. This document leaked was recent, in early 2010 (February to be more precised) and it comes from the cable in China.


--In December 2009, we shared with you information regarding attempts by the Malaysia-based firm Electronics Component 
Limited (ECL) to buy TRS-500 gyroscopes from the Chinese firm VibTel Industrial Co. Inc. 
--TRS-500 gyroscopes are controlled by the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and China's missile-related export 
controls, and can be used in the guidance systems of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial 
--We also noted that ECL is associated with a network of Iranian-controlled front companies that procure sensitive 
goods on behalf of a number of Iranian entities of proliferation concern. 
--In response to this information, you agreed to look into this matter, but asked if the United States could provide 
additional details on ECL's relationships with firms in Iran. 
--We now want to provide you with additional information indicating that ECL is part of a network of 
Iranian-controlled front companies that includes the Iranian firm Shahin Sefid Esta and the Malaysia-based front company 
Skylife Worldwide Sdn Bhd. 
--This network procures sensitive goods on behalf of a number of Iranian entities of proliferation concern, including the 
Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG), which is Iran's primary developer of liquid propellant ballistic missiles, 
and Heavy Metal Industries, a front company for the tactical missile developer Ya Mahdi Industries. 
--Both SHIG and Ya Mahdi Industries are sanctioned under United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1737. 
--Additionally, the TRS-500 gyroscopes are controlled items that would be prohibited from being exported to Iran under 
UNSCR 1737. 
--We hope this information is useful in supporting your efforts in this case and assists your ability to prevent the 
transfer of these gyroscopes by VibTel Industrial Co. to ECL.

The complete document that mentions of Malaysia above is here.

The second document that touches on Malaysia is that the Malaysian ambassador to the UN - Hamidon Ali - is listed as one of the 12 spy targets by the US State Department. There are orders to carry out information checks that comprises of bank account numbers, work schedules, names / contacts in business cards and other information, internet handles, e-mail addresses = ALL information that we can consider as invasion of privacy.

It is placed the document, "Diplomats Helping American Spies" published in NY Times.

Note: At this time, the Cable Gate sub site at Wikileaks releases 266 documents, about 1 percent  of it. But major dailies associated with the leak, NY Times, Guardian, Le Monde and Der Spiegel are putting up minute by minute updates. At this time, the White House has ordered another security review.

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