Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pushing Citizens Off The Cliff

If Anwar Ibrahim whacks the Najib and APCO, there's another person that openly whacks APCO and that's Michael Moore (documentary maker of Fahrenheit 911, Sicko, Capitalism: Love Story). The first common thing, having read his recent piece (appeared in Malaysia Today on Tuesday) is that when both men starts to blow the lid on APCO,  the company would discuss Plan B: Pushing Anwar / Michael off the cliff.

You can notice that when Anwar blows the lid a few months, the Parliament Rights and Privileges Committee would surely would censure him over this matter as to cover up the real guilt. Anwar and Moore are unfazed over such threats, as what Michael said, it's not personal, it's not pushing him (in this case both men), but in fact all citizens.
I noticed that the first three paragraphs that Moore wrote is parallel to what is happening in Malaysia. A shame though that many of us are either have no idea of what is actually happening behind the scenes, as it was remarked that the media never gave people to think and act. Instead it merely gives information that sometimes a lie can become a fact / truth.

I let you read the rest of it, as to draw your opinion from that on. If American are pushed off because of Big Tobacco, then Malaysians are pushed off by... (fill in the blanks).

What Moore wrote at the conclusion was:

Anyway, this is all just a way for me to say to APCO: No hard feelings! My getting mad at you would be like a chicken who's still happily pecking away getting mad at McDonald's. Compared to the millions you've already turned into McNuggets, you've actually treated me much, much BETTER! Spying on my family, planting smears and lies about me, privately badgering movie critics to give the film a poor review, scaring Americans into believing they'd be committing a near-act of treason were they to go to the theater and see my movie -- hey, ya done good, health insurance companies of America. And, most important, you stopped the nation from getting true universal health care. Good job! 

Notice some the parallels there:
"Scaring Americans into believing they'd be committing a near-act of treason"
- Isn't it similar to saying "If such trend happens, Malay rights will be eroded" a.k.a spooking Malays with ghost stories or falsehood?
"You stopped the nation from getting true universal health care." 
- Isn't that line congruent as "You stopped citizens from getting the real truth of Malaysia?"

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