Saturday, November 13, 2010

King Kong Ain't Got Shit!

The line "King Kong ain't got shit on me!" spoken by Denzel Washington in Training Day was the line that earned him the Best Actor award for that year itself. Somewhat, it reminded me of the ego that King Kong portrays, particularly in its standoff against the biplanes at the Empire State Building climax. 

Last month in the UMNO general assembly, Najib, in the tune of the real Ketuanan Melayu rhetoric said that "they need to defend Putrajaya" at all costs, even if there are strewn of broken bodies along the way. Can you imagine that like in King Kong's last stand against the opponent? I think Mr. Zunar's cartoons can be interesting and humorous. But I don't see the reason why idiots in the Home Ministry, particularly Hishamuddin Hussein and Mahmood Adam would say Zunar's cartoons are a mockery and disrespect of the law. 

But that would be another issue of that. It seems that UMNO's ego on not letting Putrajaya fallen to others is somewhat like behaving like a 6 year old school kid. Just like in Perak now, they are now showing primary school boy mentality. They think anything other than themselves means capitulation to the enemy. No more than what the IRA used to be about Northern Ireland. 

Below here is the famous ranting in Training Day. Notice that how the scene plays out as in real life. A critic in 2003 used this video as a metaphor as to how Saddam Hussein was deposed by his own people. If the people starts to ignore tyrants, this how most things would play out. But only if that is if people are smart on the inside to know how sometimes political leaders in BN can be when they are arrogant and go above the law.

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