Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bersih 2.0 Launch Night Pix

Today, I have planned to discuss on Bersih's rally covering several aspects, but well, I didn't have much of time because of some activities I have been setting up for my own after day's work. Anyhow, just to cater readers out there and since there's been a heavy buzz on Bersih with the rally being another 16 days away from the date of 9 July 2011, here are some pics from the Sunday's launch there.

I asked a few people how many people do they think. Many put around 1500, but given of the number of chairs and rows coupled with some outside, I bet it is just around 1000 people, which of course is a good response anyhow. There were places allocated for UMNO, Gerakan and the BN component party representatives to come. (Remember that Ambiga was saying everyone is invited, as it is a bi-partisan organization). Sadly neither BN component parties come that I've seen the Gerakan guy on Twitter talking about the X's of Bersih all the time!

But that will be another story later. For now, I've simply picked some pics that I've taken for those of you who were not able to see the launch there. There are some familiar faces there, and the emcee for the night was Hishamuddin Rais. And of course, we get to see a glimpse of the Kelantan Dinar, which is worth RM 250!. For those who want to watch the videos there, you can just do some search on Youtube on the launch videos.

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