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Everybody Hates Rais The Senile One

Bersih 2.0 chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan denied today all links between the recent spate of cyber attacks on government websites and her electoral reform group raised yesterday by Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, saying his conjecture is an attack on Malaysians.
A group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous mounted an attack on at least 200 websites last Thursday, saying they are against censorship of websites by the government.

“It’s a wholly unfounded, unreasonable, preposterous suggestion made by a Cabinet minister who should really know better than to make such wild accusations,” she told The Malaysian Insider.

She added that Rais’s comment was an attack not just on Bersih but on Malaysian citizens’ constitutional right to assemble peaceably.

“I am entirely surprised by the raving of a few members of the government against Bersih 2.0 and their attempts to demonise Bersih; and I view Rais Yatim’s comments as one of these attempts.

“I consider this an attack on the people and it is a shame they chose to do this rather than listen to the people,” the former Malaysian Bar president said.

Rais, who is the information, communication and culture minister, had linked yesterday the mass attacks on some 200 local websites to the upcoming Bersih rally on July 9 after Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Maximus Ongkili told reporters initial investigations showed 90 per cent of the hackers were based in Malaysia.

Rais further described the cyber attacks as politically-motivated and intended to disrupt the workings of the government, but did not provide details as to how the denial of service attacks were related to the July 9 rally that is pushing for electoral reforms.

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No, it's not Everybody Loves Raymond but the title alone is opposite to what's happening right now.

I simply cannot understand how a minister with a PHD certificate would say something crap and nonsense as above. This has clearly demonstrated that he is unable to discern the clear difference of the real purpose of those attacks by Anonymous group and the purpose of Bersih 2.0 rally holding on. This also demonstrates that he is not worth living with the title given. Instead what is seen is jumbling things up, and trying to connect both as one. From what he said above, it seems clearly he has been probably wrongly advised by his advisers or other colleagues and bringing into his kind of conclusion.

Prior to this, he did say that Malaysia was unperturbed by attacks shows how ignorant can a minister be and chose to remain eye-closed to the reality.

Anonymous's intentions is clear: they, on behalf of Malaysia netizens want to send a message to the government of the clear displeasure of the MCMC, acting on the request of the Domestic Consumer Affairs Ministry, (Ismail Sabri a.k.a. Ayah Dafi) to block 10 file sharing sites, which includes some that are legit, and it got mixed with some that are famously the bane of some parties (e.g The Pirate Bay). They also want to send a message that the Najib administration has violated the promise of no Internet censorship, and blocking those websites is also considered a violation to that promise.

Note: If you have read the text they have sent - there are absolutely no references to Bersih. Unless it was deliberately skewed.

So Anonymous' intentions has totally nothing to do Bersih's objectives and intentions. Both Bersih and Anonymous are two different eggs, yet Rais puts them in one basket.

Until today, there are thousands of youngsters that are very angry at not only this senile old man but other ministers and parties that are behind their problems and inconvenience. Six minutes ago at this time of writing, the number of 1M Malaysians Don't Want SKMM Block File Sharing Website on Facebook hit 32000. Meaning, there are 32000 Malaysian netizens that angry at these people. Not only that, in the last two days, there are many tweets out there with the tag #yorais that vented anger at that imbecile.

Here's a screenshot to show the thousands of tweets focusing anger at that man.

A friend of mine recently lamented of the thesis that Rais wrote previously about the evils of ISA and other things that needs to be repealed that in later on, Rais's stance is a complete opposite of what he stood and wrote for. He did questioned of whether it's the matter of his own principle being compromised for the political stand and having his own principles run down. This was one of his observations regarding him and he summed  / rant one conclusion: "Someone should strip him the PhD certification."

There are still some people to this day call him "Rape Maid" Minister because of his scandal involving the rape of an Indonesian Maid , although it is a matter of time yet to be seen whether those being sued by him over that claim would be able to proof with many things that indicate that what actually happened is contradicting Rais' claims. This is still one of the skeletons remaining in his closet.

Maybe it's time for him to be dropped from the Cabinet, as what Abdullah Badawi did to Zam Maidin previously - but already too late.

You see below is the excerpt of an open letter written to the senile old man by the name of Rais "Ayah Dino" Yatim. There are many youngsters out there very angry at that old man. 

Assalamualaikum Datuk Seri. Hari ini saya ingin mengajukan beberapa soalan. Dimana , tidak semua yang mengetahui asal usul penyekatan yang dibuat. Dan saya memerlukan jawapan yang terperinci , bukan yang disebarkan oleh media-media akhbar , tetapi dari mulut Datuk Seri sendiri.

 Soalan pertama , Why block us?. Dan jika Datuk Seri cakap tentang Violation , What violation? If the malaysian citizens are downloading Local Artists music , video and others , you should compare that to what they gain. Even without us downloading their work , some of us wont even download it , "Why?" do you say? Because , i would rather HEAR Justin Bieber instead of hearing some of the locals. You should get a download statistic. Compare the downloads between locals and foreign.

If File-sharing is illegal , then am i sharing my notes to my friend , illegal aswell? Some of us , is working for a foreign company , but they are working inside of Malaysia , and sometimes they need to send a large files. So how do they do it if not through a file-sharing websites.?

No censorship for the internet was stated on the Bill of Guarantees and was said TWICE by both of our Prime Minister , that is Tun Dr. Mahathir dan Dato' Sri Najib Razak. Yet this line was crossed.

Local artist have a low income because of File-Sharing sites? And was it our fault? First of all , the quality standard , and the attitude of some local artist , i would say that it is BELOW average. That is NOT good.

To love the local artist? AS soon as you hear foreign artist , you would be throwing local away. Im talking about modern artist. Comparing V.I.P under KRU , with Rebecca Black , I would still rather HEAR Rebecca Black sing.

Dan apa pula KAITAN Bersih dengan hacker? Isnt the hacker that attacks the website is called Anonymous , which is a foreign hackers while the Dragon Force Malaysia , Rilekscrew and other hackers is NOT EVEN a political party hackers. Why would you even go THAT far to think about hackers involved with politics! I myself, is learning Software Engineering. I THINK like engineers and i THINK like those hackers as those hackers was also once a Programmer , a Software Engineer , a Networking Student. We IT student THINK alike , as we LOVE the same thing. My MIND doesnt even COME with politic, yet you said that those Hackers are involved with it.

AND! you said , the hackers have been identified , but yet you STILL accused Bersih to be having or IS the hacker. We need you to give us a proof please.. EVERYONE would like to know this.. Who is the hacker and Why do you still Accused Bersih if YOU HAVE the hacker already.

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