Monday, June 20, 2011

The Way Forward That Ibrahim Ali Doesn't Faham

Perkasa kicked off its Bersih 2.0 counter-protest here in Kampung Baru today by burning images of Bersih chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and issuing a warning to the Chinese to stay indoors as “anything could happen”.
Perkasa Datuk Ibrahim Ali, who earlier appointed himself “war general”, said if electoral reform coalition Bersih goes through with its July 9 rally, he will not be held responsible for any untoward incidents which may occur.

“Imagine if chaos erupts. If the Bersih rally is not cancelled... I believe the Chinese community will have to stock up on food.

“Yes, anything can happen. And so I ask the police to act and use whatever powers are at their disposal,” he told some 500 supporters who gathered at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman here for the launch.

Ibrahim stressed, however, that Perkasa and the other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) opposed to the Bersih rally would not resort to violence as they were only interested in safeguarding the nation’s peace and prosperity.

But the Malay rights leader added that he would not be held responsible for the actions of those who might use the rally as a cover to commit crimes.

Ibrahim also suggested that Ambiga — described in a flyer being passed as “a dangerous Hindu woman” — was working for foreign powers seeking an excuse to interfere in Malaysia’s internal affairs.

He cited the former Bar Council president’s defence of Lina Joy’s right to convert from Islam and her involvement in the interfaith council as examples of her repeated “illegal actions”.
“Perhaps she is an agent of the Jews,” he said.

The Pasir Mas MP also repeated a claim made by Utusan Malaysia today that the opposition will use the rally to trigger an uprising similar to the ones seen in Egypt and Libya before forcing their choice of prime minister upon the people.

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Ibrahim Ali was trying to talk as if he is a military leader or something whereas he is actually trying to play hero to show everyone in Malaysia that he's a somewhat a big ace in the hole. However, if he tries to play head to head of maybe vs Obama or Putin, he'd be a good laughing stock of Malaysia in the eyes of the world because the foreigners can hardly understand things that are "jaguh kampung". He wants to wipeout Bersih but whatever he says has proven that Perkasa is thumbing with their chests so high and mighty in contrast in Bersih that never talks big and does thing in a very professional manner.

Of course, in the way of today's Perkasa launch, Ibrahim was playing bomoh telling other races to stay home to avoid another May 13. But May 13 incident was already 42 years ago. Of course at that time it happened because people are poorly informed, but today's game is different because there is Internet to thank for. One of my Malay friends, did pointed out that Ibrahim and Perkasa are like salt in the soup. Too much, soup, and it will be too salty, in metaphor speaking, damaging the image of BN along the way if he goes too deep.

I told some people that I think that if Ibrahim Ali wants to march out to the streets, then fine by me, but he better watch out for himself because having done a heart surgery last year, he better not overstressed himself on that day including hollering that loud on a bullhorn, if Perkasa happens to carry it, lest he could find himself in a physical precarious situation. 

The one thing that Braheng doesn't get it is that the May 13 scenario will never happen. Simple. PAS has pledged at least 100000 of their own people to come down on 9 July to help things out for BERSIH, voluntary and no money required. Just like the first edition. They would be the first line of protection indeed.

Back in October 2010, RPK wrote about something which mentions that May 13 version 2 will not be Non-Malays vs Malays, but it will be two groups of Malays fighting one another. I reproduce below second half of the article - The Confused Way Forward just to refresh our minds and as to point out that the way going forward that Braheng Ali doesn't get it at all.

Umno could not even get 100 Malays onto the streets of Kampong Baru in the aftermath of the 2008 general election. But the opposition can get 50,000 Malays onto the streets any time. So, if the handful of Umno Malays want to start trouble, they will have to face tens of thousands of other Malays.

No, if riots do start it will not be a la 1969. The next riot, if it happens, will be Malays facing Malays. The Indians and Chinese need not participate in this May 13 Version 2. They can just stay at home or go to Singapore or Thailand for a short holiday. Let the Malays handle this matter.

The Indians and Chinese need not fear anything. Dr Hatta Ramli has already issued a challenge. PAS will form a human shield. The Malays from PAS will emerge in great numbers to face those Umno Malays who want Indian and Chinese blood. As Dr Hatta said, “Over our dead bodies.” The Umno Malays would first have to slaughter all the PAS Malays before they can reach the Indians and Chinese.

And let me assure you: many other Malays not from PAS are also issuing this warning. The Indians and Chinese are our brothers and sisters. And if the Umno Malays want to harm them then they will have to first deal with the non-Umno Malays.

And this is because the non-Umno Malays are Muslims first and Malays second. This is what Islam demands of Muslims -- to be Muslims first and last while racism is haram or forbidden
And in Islam justice must prevail and the non-Muslims must be protected even to the extent that Muslims go to war with Muslims to protect the life of the non-Muslims. This is Islamic justice. And in Islamic justice no one must be persecuted or discriminated against because of his or her race.

So, is it not good that PAS is an Islamic party? Notwithstanding the fact that there are some in PAS who aspire to see Malaysia transformed into an Islamic State (which can never happen unless PAS wins more than two-thirds of the seats in Parliament), an Islamic party like PAS is good for the non-Muslims because this party upholds Islam, which means the non-Muslims receive protection against persecution and discrimination.

Umno does not know what it is getting itself into. It had better tone down that race riot rhetoric lest it backfires on them. If they think the Indians and Chinese are going to react like they did in 1999 -- they reluctantly voted for Barisan Nasional out of fear -- then Umno is going to be in for a surprise.

Today, the Indians and Chinese have faith in their Malay brothers and sisters. They know that May 13 Version 2 being bandied about by Umno is not going to be a Malay versus non-Malay incident like back in 1969. May 13 Version 2 is going to be a Malay-versus-Malay affair with the non-Malays standing on the sidelines as mere spectators.

And if you think this is not so then go ask the non-Umno Malays in Pakatan Rakyat. Hear it from their own mouths. And they will tell you exactly what I have just said.


  1. as an old-timer who saw may 13 firsthand, i wish for no repeat of the incident. neither do i wish to see fellow malaysians in physical combat with each other but it is time for change against poor governance, corruption. so bersih should happen to bring about the needed change.

  2. With the latest development. I will be at the Bersih 2 gathering. I am Malaysian first and Last. 5th Generation Malaysian of Chinese ancestory.

  3. Well UMNO with their Perkasa just delivered another nail to teh coffin for MCA, GERAKAN & MIC. BN will always be UMNO first. Not even malay or Islam. It's, repeat, UMNO first and foremost.

  4. I will be there after what Ibrahim Ali's action.
    Got to support Bersih..
    Ibrahim, the more you talk, the more people will be there out of anger on your nonsence.

  5. If there's going to be a riot it's not between Malays and the non-Malays... it will be a battle between the classes... the "tak cukup makan" and the "terlampau banyak makan"


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