Friday, June 10, 2011

They Didn't Use Their Heads and See The Big Picture!

There were 8 reports made to the police in regards to the upcoming BERSIH 2.0 rally on 9 July and leading the party of complaints is UMNO Bukit Bintang and UMNO SHEB department following by Perkasa FT Branch, ABIM Kepong, Jalan TAR Petty Traders Association and GERTAK. I can find that the excuses presented by these parties, particularly from this UMNO man above is very amusing and didn't really make sense. You can use your head and figure it out. All you have to do is to take a weekend walk down to SOGO and picture yourself being on 9 July, walking all the way up past Dayabumi all the way to the National Palace, then go back to the starting point. It's very similar to what happened the last time round on 10 November 2007.

Anyhow, the key focus here is to point some silly mistakes and to show that those who complaint about this doesn't use much of a head and instead these bunch of jokers made a fool of themselves with their bullshit. Let me illustrate some of those:

1.“The police reports are lodged as an early measure to stop the rally as it will affect city dwellers and the business community.

--This is only a one day affair. It's is not like in Tahrir Square, Cairo, where days (I repeat days) of protests really hit businesses. It's just only a few hours. There is a big difference between a few hours, one whole day of 24 hours and many days. The scales vary. So they can't spot the difference. Yikes!

2. “July 9 is a Saturday, a busy day that attracts scores of people to the area; in addition, the night market would be held at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.”

-- Where got night market on daytime? Your head lar! Night market is night time, by 6 pm. Rally is 2 the time it's 6 pm, it should be far gone already! See..another no brain point used.

3. “Bersih can raise its concerns in Parliament through its elected representatives,” 

-- Did this guy ever go to forums that involves Election Commission officials and Bersih? Anyone seen him or them before? No? Then they didn't understand. Just go and ask Ambiga or any of the Bersih and people and they gladly will fill in for you. Asking anyone from the party may give you an impartial answer. No harm done asking others, right?

4. “It is their right to gather peacefully but not on the streets.”

-- Here's the question. If your plea for attention is totally ignored at the first time at a controlled place, how do you get the attention of others? Common sense can tell you that the point is right but as the last resort. Since after the first one, the demands have not been met, means the plea for attention has been totally ignored. With no other avenues, no one to get your point, what else can you do but by crude means? If you don't want that then they should have done it earlier and do as what Bersih say. Ambiga have stated that this is always the last resort - and it's true.

5. Bersih 2.0 organisers would be able to control the participants.

-- Too bad these guys didn't see how the PAS Unit Rela was in action that day. They did well. Everyone of them was called in to handle the job, even it was raining heavily on 10 November 2007. There are some of us who have pictures to testify that Bersih 2.0 got these people. Why not this Tengku chap go and ask Mat Sabu? Can he have the balls to ask Abang Mat?

6. “Based on past experience, a lot of things happened. The participants became overly emotional and when police tried to calm them, they claimed police provocation"

-- If my memory serves correctly, it is true that on that day the police started the whole problem. There are many accounts to corroborate. Of course many people perceive that in the case of UMNO people having their own protests, they cry of unfairness and why the police didn't take action against them? The logic is simple. Remember policemen are civil servants and public sector workers. Their monthly source of income is from the government, not private corporations. And the government of the day is ruled by BN. BN is led by UMNO. This is real politics. You just need to do some trace backs to understand. 

7. "Jangan sampai dah rugi RM10 juta baru nak ambil tindakan. Tak ada gunanya lagi"

-- This is another stupid excuse raised out. UMNO never understood and realized Malaysia is losing more money via patronage, cronies, corruption and so forth. Billions, which is a few hundred times more than just the RM10 million to be lost on that one day itself. Pity that they will never wake up and see the big picture. Pity that they never used their heads well. And since they are the government of the day, who is actually really going to sell the country out? PR? Wait..PR is not the government in ruling now....but fingering on the other party but not by yourselves first? But on that day in November 2007, did it happen? PAS said nothing happened. No windows broken, no robbery, no property damage, no money stolen, according to them, so why the excuse?

I always see this thing like they want to play hero (jaguh kampung) and in fact scare the shit out of unaware and uncertain people that participating in this event is an omen that befell or something. But what is portrayed from UMNO reveals that BN is afraid of implementing those changes that BERSIH wants, for if it happens, it is the end of the 37-year-old coalition. This is not an insult, but a reality that few hardcore people have yet to understand and see it properly, not in a distorted picture. For them, to win the election, they need the same state of system to play with.

Many have people have criticized the ruling government as moving one step ahead, two steps backwards. You can call it a flip-flop. But in Russia World War II, that thing is considered as one step backwards (1-2 = -1). And WW2 Russia considers those who walk one step backwards as traitors that they will be shot on sight. This was famously known as Order #227. Were that case to apply here, you can imagine what will happen to those jokers up there. 

The problem is that these people open their mouths without seeing the real undistorted big picture and never bothered to use their heads. Why? Just to be hero? Or are they really afraid that of not facing the people? I though BN takes care of people and problems? And have they understood who's who in the top part of the Bersih 2.0 umbrella? Are those people hooligans and violent people? Have these people who complaint seen that angle? No? Then why whine?

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