Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They Say No To Bersih. This Implies Cheaters Do Prosper

“Perkasa will launch a counter-demonstration, to show that there are people who do not agree with this rally, I am stopping this on the principle of democracy,” Ibrahim (picture) told reporters today.

He said Perkasa will be organising a roundtable discussion tomorrow night with 70 NGOs, where they will deliberate on all aspects concerning the Bersih rally — safety concerns, and how the rally could affect the country’s tourism sector.

“I cannot imagine if there is a rally that day and there is a big crowd, anything can happen,” he added.
Ibrahim, together with members of the Independent Caucus (Konsensus Bebas) — Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim (Bayan Baru MP), Zulkifli Noordin (Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP) and Mohsin Samsuri (Bagan Serai MP) — submitted an emergency motion on the matter to Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

“We submitted it at 10am today... why must you go on the streets? We don’t want any chaos, democracy to be hijacked by the opposition.

“This is a pre-emptive decision to make sure there is no chaos,” said Zahrain, who left PKR last year to be an independent lawmaker although his statements have been supportive of Umno.

I expected UMNO, being the lynchpin of other NGOs would lead the group that would oppose to rallies that the people felt it is needed to do so. Many in that side have still yet to understand Ambiga's emphasis that there was never an intention of doing a rally, unless it is a last resort. This emphasis was underscored many times and as what Ambiga said on Saturday night at a forum it is because that the top brass is not listening to the grass roots level.

I have been also told of rumors circling around that Najib could be out by next month not by the opposition, but by those in his side. This also underscores that you can't all the time attack the opposition front, like what Utusan and other bigots would do but there is always arguments inside your own camp, except that newspapers are not willing to cover it, lest it invites angry men from Home Ministry to come over and make noises over why was that article written. Therefore, Najib is in a peril of having weak advisers and many yes men around whereas his opponents from the own coalition have smarter ones. It's always the saying of in UMNO there is 3R vs 3M - if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, let's go back to the point to be discussed. Perkasa has simply decided to rush headlong into the fray of saying that they want to do the same thing, but the complete opposite on the same day as in 9 July. Utusan has largely played the part of spreading UMNO's propaganda of asking people not to follow the dirty rally and have also harped of many anti-Islam things in there. 

As far as I recalled and matching back to the first rally, there is no such thing as anti-Islam in that rally. It's largely made up by Zul Noordin, ultimately branded as a hypocrite by several people including Raja Petra. For me, what I understand is that Zul Noordin was caught by the balls by UMNO because of one mistake, one thing, and another being is that being in that protest against Bar Council in December 2007 also attracts displeasure from his previous party PKR, for going against the tenets of the party.

Ibrahim Ali was telling to the press today of being on that rally day he would be there himself. One thing to be cautioned though, since Braheng had a heard surgery months ago, he better not exert himself too much in those things, lest he could be collapsing on the spot and further complications would ensue. Yes, it's understood that they have the right to come as part and parcel of democracy. But is this the only logical thing that ever comes out of the mouth?

I can imagine that other Ind MPs, Zahrain and a few would echo, no more than to say yes, since they are being squeezed left and right by certain quarters.

A shame that UMNO and the NGOs that share the same view as the party have failed to see the bigger picture that their own narrow minded view. Reasons of money loss, people don't want to come and so forth, all are not really big picture views. But by saying no to that rally, it clearly implies that the parties that say no clearly imply to others that the present election system is good enough, but in the process, cheating is "halal" and cheaters to prosper! The Sarawak state elections simply speak of how big the cheating game was on. It clearly implies that these people want to cheat to win - all for the reason of staying in power.

The organizing committee of Bersih never said that they would stop anyone from coming. But as Mat Sabu commented on how the hard-man approach that Perkasa would take, I'd say, that Ibrahim Ali and co lives up to the militant tag that John Malott called him ago, and the reaction to this day is still amusing of him hopping like mad at the US Embassy. Clearly, I can see cheats to prosper in Malaysia really, as long as there are still people who are not really aware of what is happening around, particularly in the rural land.

Bersih is still inviting these parties to come over for roundtable talks on its launch this Sunday and according to Ambiga answering my question on Saturday night, these bunch of people are still invited to come. If they don't come, then it's their fault really. They would blow their chance and it shows how foolish would that be, right?

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