Friday, June 3, 2011

Press Conference by Helen Caldicott, Montreal, March 2011

I recently recalled that anti-Lynas protesters who went to meet the IAEA review panel got bullied and harassed by the by the pro-Lynas supporters and those who support Adnan Yaakob. But what they hardly know of is the chemical and health aspect of having a plant within the vicinity of the residential area. Chernobyl and Fukushima are the clear examples of it. 

There are many elements that can be very harmful, like plutonium, polonium and a few others that will affect everyone in times to come. The fallout of Fukushima has cause radiation effect problems to spread towards North America and upwards. 

So whoever thinks that having Lynas plant for money is good, perhaps you might want to rethink because being with the lobbyists for the sake of political means can be a no brainer, but disastrous in the end.

I happened to stumble upon a video featuring a press conference by Dr. Helen Caldicott in Montreal, March 2011 that talks about Fukushima. Now, some people in Canada are considering leaving their homes for other places because of the fallout..

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