Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nasir: Rais Really Have Phd?

Well, I have not been writing for quite sometime due to an assignment for a potential clientele in Cambodia so, I was hopping like mad in office on the weekends, hoping to escape and do my necessary weekend work in and out. A pity. I actually planned to write about the absurd arrests that is happening around like if McCarthyism is happening again since the last time about 50 years ago.

Anyhow, what is interesting is about Rais Yatim, a.k.a Ayah Dino, a.k.a Menteri Rogol Amah. Frankly, in the last few days, this senile old man has been talking nonsense, such as:

1. The arrested PSM activists are trying to start another communism
2. Bersih rally is a plot of overthrowing government 
3. Hacking is part of the Bersih rally

Well, his remarks have drew the ire of everyone, including youngsters and intellectuals alike. In the context of Bersih, people are saying he is talking crap, mixing things with other things. Ambiga called whatever he said as intimidating people. Others say that bringing communism is a fickle of his imagination or whatsoever. I found it hilarious when Dr. Nasir Hashim was asking whether if Rais really have Phd

"He doesn't deserve his PhD and should be stripped!" exclaimed a Malay friend of mine when we met over a cup of tea early of the month. His thesis was talking about the negative things of ISA and yet he talks the complete opposite. My friend was asking whether his principles were compromised when he started talking opposite and I was wondering whether he is a clear cut example of a "yes man", whenever I see a picture of him with Pak Lah sometime back.

The Twitter channel, #yorais has drawn a lot of people tweeting about the senile old man that even Khairy said that the old man doesn't know about e-mail but yet is a Information Minister. Yes, at this point of time, he is just like Zainuddin Maidin that hardly knows about e-mail, blogs, except he's one level up in speaking of paranoia and mixing things here and there. And youngsters are not really happy about his comments on Internet - remember Green Filter and the hacking thing? Doesn't even answer the context at all.

People really hate his antics and some reporters have a hard time questioning him particularly when this video was shot one year ago that whips reporters ass. What are you going to do that? It's all down in the GE where people from Jelebu has to throw him out. Word is that things are not going well down there really.

Yes, I have to agree with Nasir's posing that question. How could a PhD graduate talk shit like that?

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