Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Clearly Najib, Muhyiddin and Khir.

You got one Melaka CM by the name of Ali Rustam that famously said in 2007 that UMNO doesn't need other BN partners to lead Malaysia. You have heard of him complaining of pigs in Melaka and then for those of you who called him a racist, you're in luck as you know today, he was barred from competing as Number 2 in UMNO.

If you have been observing the political scenario lately, it is clearly of a squabble between two camps that is camp Abdullah and camp Najib, with both trying to eliminate one another. And the long term result as my friend Flyer told me, UMNO is going towards implosion with the entity being behind the 8-ball.

You only need to put your thinking cap to see how the situation is. By removing Ali Rustam, which not a Najib supporter, the chances of Muhyiddin Yassin, being Najib's number 2 is much much better, and it is said that he can win big at the general assembly. After the decision was announced, the compromise that Najib offered to Ali is that he can still remain as the CM of Melaka, but do you notice that it's more of a trade off, and to let Muhyiddin win?

You can forget about Mike Tyson Taib, for he can never win, given of his Mi No Spik Inglis problem. But from outside, the three of them are among the bad boys - "call it underbosses" if you wish so. So there is no 'lesser of evils' if you are asked to pick one.

Khir Toyo, competing for Youth Post escapes with the innocent verdict, while Khairy was found guilty but given a warning. This means that for those voters that Khairy will end up the losing end. It will be a good fight between Mukhriz and Khir but if the money factor plays through, then it will be Khir Toyo winning. There was a comment that Najib might not give Mukhriz a favor of winning really.

In Abdullah Badawi's first 4 years, some of his aspirations and objectives could not be implemented because of too many Mahathir's men - now supporting Najib as ministers in the cabinet that objected to what he wishes. So when he announced the new cabinet line-up after March 8 2008, the number of ministers are mainly his own men, with the rest, for example JJ was booted out of the cabinet portfolio.

Anwar Ibrahim was quoted today on Malaysiakini on Ali's suspension that the disciplinary committee has too many Najib's men, and stacks against Abdullah's camp. It can be, it might not be. If Najib's men were booted out of the cabinet portfolio earlier on, then this can be a fightback, with Najib's men trying to boot out Abdullah's loyalists. Ali Rustam is a case in point.

To some people, UMNO general assembly next Thursday onwards brings forth much suspense as many speculate that there's plenty of twists and turns out there. A twist, speculated is that Abdullah Badawi, being the President in capacity decides to say that all nominations held are null and void and will have to be reconducted with tight security and monitoring. And those who poured money in those campaigns could find themselves caught with their asses out. Also, this could be a time where Abdullah can pull out his trump card, the proof of misconduct and etc on Najib and his underlings...

Yes, let the greatest Malaysian political drama on stage roll in for a limited time only next week!

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