Monday, March 16, 2009

She Can Say That, But Will It Actually Happen?

Last week, Rosmah (Big Mama) was saying that it was her destiny to become first lady as Najib takes over as Prime Minister coming April 3 - the date confirmed by most insiders, which takes place after the UMNO general elections.

The phrase of "it's my destiny" is the second time that she has uttered that phrase. The last time, was during the time that Dr. Mahathir was to announce his successor. I was told that she thought she could be the next first lady but instead, Dr. Mahathir chose Abdullah Badawi, much to the chagrin.

I remembered that wives of previous PMs didn't brag about being first lady or so on. Siti Hasmah doesn't brag or reveal to the press. Endon doesn't, and even Jeanne Danker doesn't do at all. Only Rosie does so far, and it's twice, meaning that she's emphasizing that no one can take the mantle of first lady except her.

But remember, the official capacity of first lady is not the PM's wife, but it is the Raja Permaisuri, and in other words, currently Tuanku Nur Zahirah is also called 'first lady' under the official protocol - not Rosmah. One mistake there.

Of course, many of us do know the anomisity between Endon and Rosmah before Endon's death back in 2005. Sure, when Endon was alive, she would keep tabs on Rosmah. Back before Abdullah Badawi took over as PM, Endon had taken looks at Seri Perdana a few occasions, but found out that Rosmah has been there more times than her - which implies as if she is going to secure Seri Perdana first, assuming by automatically going to be the 'first lady' as she said. Some even joked about "a cat fight between a rich-man's girl and a prositute."

Endon absolutely hated staying at Seri Perdana and remained in the States especially for the treatment. Jeanne also didn't really like staying in Seri Perdana, but had to, given of her role as PM's wife. Everyone says that the moment Rosmah comes in, more money from taxpayers had to be paid out to renovate sections, decorate here and there - that's is what is in their minds in anticipating such outcome.

But you can't be so sure that Najib will automatically be PM. First, the Agong had some doubts on whether the man where being involved and accused in the Altantuya murder can do the job as PM, with accusations dangling above the head like the sword of Damocles. Secondly, by Constitution, the PM can be chosen if a MP of the Parliament house commands confidence by the majority of the MPs. Out of 222 MPs, it is said that approxmately 103 MPs (83 from PR, 20 from UMNO) are against Najib being PM. For Najib, the need of securing confidence as PM would be depending on the vote of confidence by the remaining 61 MPs from BN - MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Sabah, Sarawak component parties.... and 58 UMNO members So whoever said that the president of UMNO automatically becomes PM is totally wrong.

Who knows that Abdullah could be asked to lead on in an interim basis and then handing it over to Ku Li or Anwar or calling for a snap elections?

When Endon died in 2005, she was buried in the Putrajaya precinct cemetery. Someone told me a joke that Seri Perdana was jinxed, thus suggesting why she refused to stay at Seri Perdana. After death, it could be the haunting for Rosmah when running the show...;D

There you have it, Malaysiakini is running a piece of how shocked Rosmah was with accusations flying round on her being involved in Altantuya murder. The one line of the excerpt had drawn attention:

If they cannot get my husband, they get me, if they cannot get me they even go to the children... they will resort to anything at all," she said.


"What's important is your conscience, that when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror, are you able to look at yourself and love yourself, and ask yourself whether you've done the right thing."

There are some who are not convinced by that "mirror" statement.


  1. Was that the same mirror Evil Queen in Snow White owned ?

  2. tht old cow Rosmah is not a human being. shes a animal whore


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