Friday, March 13, 2009

Six Bloggers Charged...Two More on Sunday

I received a text message forwarded, source from The Star that mentions of 6 bloggers to be charged tomorrow for the apparent insult over Sultan Azlan.

Rocky and Jed could be the among the six (unconfirmed) to be charged by under Section 233(1) CMA Act 1998 and Penal Code 34. But interestingly, the was one party that caught my interest which is basically the Perak State Secretary. My hunch is that the Barisan government which many said that they took over illegally, mostly because of Najib's brokering and Hamzah's buying are pissed off over the 'gossip' and damaging material.

I remembered that in the village of Kampung Simee, near my housing estate, people are absolutely disgusted by Mamak Zambry and once he came over, people hated him passionly as when he went to the Yuk Choy primary school in Hugh Low Street.

I stumbled upon a line by Hisham Rais on his piece "Ekonomi, bukan Raja atau Sultan" quote:

Kebelakangan ini tiba tiba kita mendengar kembali suara-suara untuk mengembalikan kekebalan Raja-Raja Melayu. Ini tidak menghairankan – pada satu ketika dahulu orang yang sama juga telah berkempen untuk melupuskan kekebalan ini. Hari ini mereka ini mengembalikan kekebalan Raja Melayu. Kenapa?

Jawabnya bukan kerana mereka cinta buta kepada Raja dan Sultan tetapi kerana punca ekonomi mereka semakin mengecil dan ada yang telah hilang dapor mencari makan. Mereka berharap Sultan dan Raja ( yang mereka tongengkan dahulu ) akan menjadi benteng untuk mempertahankan kepentingan ekonomi mereka.

Ekonomilah yang melahirkan budaya bangsa. Punca ekonomi orang Melayu telah berubah justeru kesetiaan mereka juga akan berubah sama. Manusia Melayu tidak mungkin lagi akan menyembah buta Raja atau Sultan. Zaman itu telah berakhir. Mengundurkan manusia Melayu kembali ke zaman feudal adalah mustahil.
The news piece also said that one from Penang could be charged. The other day, I asked OBE who are these Mighty Pen (sjsandteam) gang are. One phrase he said of is, if I recalled correctly: 'from Penang'. I thought just now that they could fit the description of the newspiece over two reasons, firstly how they address Sultan Azlan via remarks / titles and secondly given of them posting almost 20 posts per day, more than even top bloggers like Rocky. I thought those two things could invite the men in blue.

Maybe these guys can slow down a bit in writing. There's still time in writing posts...

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