Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Little Taffer's Room Turns 2 Today!

March 7 is the day where I launched this blog back in 2007, following my friend who started Jeremiah Blues, eventually broke off and started another blog from scratch called Bagged and Boarded.
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Thanks to my friend there and some unusual circumstances, I've got some people reading my blogs, hit 100K when I wrote the Elizabeth Wong scandal, and I just simply want to keep on writing.

In the beginning, I've been quite strict with writing at least one post per day, but towards end of last year, office work had taken a toll of my time needed to write one.

Admittingly the web is starting to take over newspapers as the new form of influential media. In the States, the number of newspapers diminished because of the economic recession, higher print costs and etc.. This can be a domino effect and could affect other dailies throughout the world someday.

I know I've been going out of my target of balancing topics to write, but the fun of going into those current affairs is too great, and something worth to be discussed, as if your thirst is not quenched.

To all readers, thanks for reading my posts and I'd be back on Sunday night / Monday morning, as I'll be away for some R&R!


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