Monday, March 2, 2009

Gerombolan BN Getting The Taste of Their Own Medicine

With less than 24 hours away before the emergency assembly ,the Gerombolan Barisan Nasional is thrown into state of panic. When Sivakumar declared of the assembly, BN starts making a lot of excuses saying that the emergency assembly is unconstitutional this and that, violating the standing orders and so on.

And then, the gerombolan is doing something that is very very ridiculous, which among a few things locking down the state government office in Ipoh, filing two lawsuits against the Speaker (despite clear clauses mentioning that the Speaker has clear authority) at the court. Oh my god, you do know that the court can't do anything against the conditions spelt out on Speaker's authority don't you?

And you have seen how the assembly secretary revealing its stripes of being on the partisan side instead of being at the non-partisan side, with the resulting being removed from the post by the speaker. Then you have the police, lapdogs of the gerombolan saying nobody should come to an empty building. Then what....where will the guys and other people be holding the assembly if you police guards an empty building? No problem, as Pete said, do it in a canteen, do it at St. Michael's school hall, do it at Padang Ipoh, do it at coffee shop in Old Town!, wherever !In other words, you can do anywhere else to fit the 50 assemblymen minus the exco and the Mamak Pangkor.

The gerombolan led by this United Malays National Organisation should think of themselves being on the opposition end this time round. In the past, say in state level be it or the Parliament, any motion that is well agreed by the people which has been raised by a non-BN MP often gets turned down in the assembly hall. Well, there's your taste of your own medicine. If you don't do that when you're leading the state, you won't get that, right?

If I say something that is right for the people that but not for a certain group, these kind of bigots and idiots will start screaming something that doesn't make sense at all. Let's say if I say fact A, the gerombolan will start screaming 'kedudukan kita terancam'. There is no such thing in this time. It's just mere crap. Period.

Read at what Tajol said. Quote from Malaysiakini:
'When they had 31 and we had 28, why didn't they dissolve the state assembly? Now we have 31 and they have 28, they want a fresh election. No way!"
See? 98 percent of state population want fresh polls and Tajol says no way. Who's more angrier? You or the rakyat?

And Zambry, are you trying to bullshit people with the excuse that the emergency assembly is a threat to national security? That is an excuse out of nothing to create another May 13. No more. People are not going to buy that crap. This is information age. This is not 1969, 1969 is prehistoric, kapoof. So, please shut up, if telling your fellow Mamak Maidin two years ago the same thing isn't enough!

Yes, people know that whatever Najib gains from the coup 'cheap-shot' feat early last month could vanish in just one day if the assembly is dissolved. Najib wants to keep it intact. So that's why the gerombolan wants to play chicken. But the gerombolan can keep on dreaming, but there will be a time at the end of the month where Najib's misconduct and corruption allegations hit out to the streets including the smoking gun of Altantuya...then what? He won't be surviving for that long. Yep, that's what an ex-UMNO orang kuat said last week.

And for the last word, the people, everywhere including Perakians like myself are with the rightful ones. So, my dear Nizar, please listen to what Pete has to say for the betterment of Perak, not you, not me, but everyone....

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