Thursday, March 19, 2009

What The Charm Did To Pak Lah...!

They still call him Sleepy Head, Mr Flip Flop or whatsoever even if it's just less than 3 weeks away to retirement:

But look what the cat (the cops found) at the table in PWTC - bomoh and the jampi!?:

Excerpt from Malaysiakini:

As the clock ticks down for the transition of power, the tension in Umno appears to have taken a supernatural twist.

A police bomb squad, which conducted a routine sweep of the Umno headquarters in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago, stumbled upon suspicious items under the party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s table.

The check was conducted on the meeting room located on the 39th floor of the Putra World Trade Centre in view of the coming Umno supreme council meeting, which will be the last to be held before the party polls which is slated to kick off on March 24.

According to a report in Sin Chew Daily today, bomb squad personnel found two tiny pieces of paper with Jawi inscriptions as well as a piece of wood wrapped in a white piece of paper.

“The pieces of paper were so small that it could be hidden in the mouth and this is an highly suspicious act,” read the front-page report.

If the jampi has been uncovered, then I hope Pak Lah has finally woken up to his real senses and slumber. And now he can't go back to his slumber again. With that paper of, then is he going to swing the punch back to Najib now? As some ex-UMNO strong man said, he could be out to jab at Najib. Or do the biggest trick of all which is "nominations are null and void, start again."

When this is uncovered, some will say that it's Najib and him depending on his Guruji as some people have allegedly said? HA HA !

We heard th at Ali Rustam is going to the Registrar of Societies, as Ku Li said.

It could be 1988 again, when the High Court declared that UMNO as illegal.

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