Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stories From Back Home

My dear old grandfather was hospitalized again on Friday as he had some difficult breathing problems - diagnosed as pneumonia. Today, it seems that he is breathing quite hard he coughs (no yellowish phlegm) but I suspect it's sinus. I felt sorry and occasionally wept for him, being in this weak state, and I wish that he can enjoy at least another 3 more years, then I'd be happy. I thought we would be celebrating his "chinese date" birthday in KL, but because of this circumstance, the event didn't happen and I came back to pay him a visit. Before I leaving after the visit, Dad told me not to worry, he'd try the best he can to take good care of him.

The Pusrawi Man was There

On Saturday, I visited back home and went to do the quarterly car service. The workshop manager, at first asking me questions on the political scenario back in KL. Then interestingly, he told me that he met that Dr. Osman Hamid who came over to do his car service. Interestingly, the car has a PKR sticker on top and I was told that he moved back here, admittingly, having enough of the thing in KL, especially the Saiful episode.

People Still Hate Hee

People in Jelapang are still hating the assemblywoman Hee Yit Foong. Her husband operates a chicken rice store in Jalan Yang Kalsom (opposite AmBank) and days after the incident last month, some people sprayed red paint at the shop. True, Hee's husband has owed a lot of money in gambling depts. 60% of the $25 million paid to Hee was paid by interestingly by Berjaya's Vincent Tan! I couldn't find that shop yesterday, and I you guys happened to find out the name of the shop, that would be a big plus.

Ah, The Tree!

There's the famous tree of democracy - the very spot in which Sivakumar the Speaker convened the Tuesday assembly outside the Hall, since it was barred by the police and the State Secretary.
I've been checking testing another photo just to help reference the spot where it was held. If you come in, on your left, it's the Malay food stall by the name of "Selera Idwa"

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