Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ready To Rock Guys?

After coming back from dinner, I spotted a post by Zorro, which did tell the Bloggers Network team that you, Pete, and the gang are coming over late tomorrow afternoon.

Well, the thing is they are ready waiting for you guys to come over.

While having dinner, Dugong Darat told me that the broadband line in Taiping is not as good as many expected and the phone lines in Simpang are being "hogged" by the police beat base. I was told by our brother that the beat base alone uses about 50 lines throughout this 10 days of campaign. And the TM engineers are working overtime to fix the phone line connections here. But it's said that still it's better in Simpang.

While also travelling, the beat bases for the "gerombolan" UMNO BN are not really active, perhaps maybe to wait until from nomination day onwards. But someone told me that it could be due to the fact that many of the root members of Barisan Nasional are unhappy over the results between Muhyiddin and Mike Tyson.

Well then guys, ready to rock? Just have fun there.

Speaking of which, I just had a round of drinks with Chegubard and his men.....!

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