Friday, March 12, 2010

Gruntings By Malaysians - #Case 1

Sometimes you have to bear with their grunts. But it's true, that's what is happening in Malaysia now.

I got an e-mail written by a Malaysian in Singapore, forwarded to me by my friend. I reproduce the following mail below

Is it not ironic that one of Malaysia's biggest embarrassments of this era is the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore. 20 years have passed, I have personally seen this and experienced it; and to date NOTHING has changed. Excuse this not the year 2010?

Why?.. with all the latest technology available, all the big and bold talk about "PRODUKTIVITI" & "MALAYSIA BOLEH". Changing the "Salam" by placing your hand on your heart to show sincerity?

Maybe someone forgot to inform all the people at the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore that it is the 21st Century. The Embassy is a representation of the people for the people. Or am i wrong or have i been on the moon for the past decade?

What is prevailing is their pre-historic work ethics and attitudes. This is the main reason we have a system that can never improve, because the people in the drivers seat are enforcing the poor work ethics in anything they do. They don't care...plain and simple.
Still the same "tidak apa" attitude. Still the same "gaji sama tapi kerja lebih" attitude. I ask every Malaysian..are we not so tired of this? When are we going to see some change and not just talk? How long more do tolerate this before something is done? Another 20 years?

What is the use of having an Embassy filled with LAZY people. The same people who are the FIRST to respond to any criticism with either a denial or a different version of a story we all read and know its untrue. People who just "cant be bothered" and will give you every and any excuse possible to cover their poor performance and lack of responsibility. Basically re-enforcing their "tidak apa attitude". Makes me sick to the stomach.

To what you may ask is my immediate frustration? I went to the embassy yesterday at 10am as i needed to renew my passport. 2 security guards were comfortably sitting in their office chatting away. Yes, after 10am our embassy security they are paid to sit in their office and talk about football and the latest scores.

"What you want" was the first thing they said to me. No good morning, how may I assist you or even the slightest gesture of courtesy. My response was that I would like to renew my passport. Without a blink of an eye they both started laughing as if I was asking when in Malaysia Elvis was residing. "No more number" they time come earlier. Slid the glass panel shut and continued with their conversation. At this point I felt well I'd just try again tomorrow.

This morning I was there at 7.30am...again I approached the same security guards. They did not recognize me and again I asked them for a queue number to renew my passport. This time the laughing was a little more sarcastic and they both blatantly told me..."halo" better you come at 4am and line up. Maybe when we give out numbers at 7.10am you can get a ticket. We only issue 150 tickets a day. You don't get.. not our problem..we cannot do anything. Embassy rules. Hence this email to all my fellow Malaysians. It is time to speak up to stop this incorrigible attitude.

So I am to believe that the entire Malaysian Embassy is only able to process 150 applicants or renewals a day? And we are blatantly told we have to line up at 4am or literally drop dead? I asked around, and the response from many people was the same. One auntie was there since 8am...she must have been about 65 years old. Did the embassy staff even bother? I would like to ask, would they let their own mother stand in the hot sun for half a day just to get her passport renewed?

They don't care and they have the attitude that if we don't come even before the chickens awake in Malaysia its not their problem.

I called the embassy, asking to speak to an officer pertaining to this. A rude lady answered, "yes what you want"...I replied i would like to speak to an officer pertaining to the difficulty of renewing a passport. She blatantly responded "you want to complain" go ahead, you think you are the first person who want to complain"?. And hung up the phone.

I do hope there is a glimmer of hope left in our system. Hope that there is a possibility of change. Lets be realistic...20 years and nothing has changed. It is a major embarrassment to the country.

I have had better productivity from a embassy in a 3rd world country where they transport your papers via land on horseback and sea by boat...and its done in a few hours.

Or maybe the 150 applicant documents processed at the embassy here are put in a sampan and rowed along the straits of Malacca to Port Klang where they are transferred to a Kereta Lembu before reaching the embassy in KL for the appropriate signatures?

Malaysia, it is time to speak up. The truth is undeniable.

Andrew Johnson
CEO & Managing Director

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