Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zul Noordin Gets Fired. Better than never!

Zul Noordin has been given the boot. This is first reported by Malaysiakini. I've already anticipated. Many think he's a loose cannon and had run-ins against party on a few occasions. The one occasion I clearly remembered was during the forum in the Bar Council office that was abruptly stopped when he and the GPMS man Jais Karim simply barraged in through and called the stop as if it was nobody's business.

No prizes for guessing that he's likely to go ship to UMNO, since I saw something on Facebook that slyly says of Zul meeting Najib. Perhaps Zul has anticipated that it could be that thing.

To walk away from a multi-racial panelists who were prepared to hear his views as blowing his last chance away to defend himself. So it was a mistake. Hardlined views have spooked people even in his consittuency.

Of course Zaid is happy. But I always remembered some wise men told me, if you consider of joining a political party, you have to toe the line. If you don't you get into trouble. No space for loose cannons really! It can be painful to throw a loyalist member but sometimes it may have to do for a long run.

Let's not be happy for now since he's given 14 days to appeal. So just how our breaths for now.

The one demand from Anwar is to vacate Kulim and if that happens, another By-Election later, I suppose.

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  1. Got sack already, no more value. How about $5k. The other chinese guy got 2 packets of menglembu groundnuts and two packet of $5 ringgit ang pow only. That's why he is fighting belum resign lagi, that he only complains about LGE, he withdraws remarks on Syed Husin only


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