Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look Doc, Is That What You're Thinking?

"Proton has been a success because it has achieved the objective of providing affordable cars to Malaysians under the low-income bracket." - Chor Chee Heung

Doc, was this your thinking? There are still Malaysians who cannot even afford a Proton Saga. Can you see a family of four all in one motorcycle? Have you traveled around the state of Kedah to see such thing on the road?

If you see one, then your line was not correct.

People could not enjoy buying good cars that are as par as Proton since import duty added into it makes things worst. Given of the current economic situation, might as well sell those APs away as to help get people to afford buying a car.

Buying a Proton or a Kelisa should be the baseline. For example, if you income belongs into a low-income class, helping people to get one is important rather than leaving them to their own devices. For people who can and willing to pay more, they can go for higher type of cars but without the need of AP and a small amount of import duty.

This is how we can get people to get to have at least a car. In Singapore, TV sets prices are very low compare to here, as the government there realizes the need of disseminating info and the need of people to have quality time together with families before the end of the day.

As most of us know via papers, most accidents happening in Malaysia are motorcycle-related accidents.

And at the end of October last year, the reasoning of introducing credit card service tax for prudent spending isn't going to do much good. Maybe the better way is to increase the minimum payment per month instead of RM50 or 5%. I got a feeling that the idea is more of getting a quick buck from people eh? Yep, the gomen is out of money except many people don't know. But I know...

Maybe this is how a longkang MP behaves, I suppose. Maybe.

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