Monday, March 1, 2010

Wake Up Pillay! This Is Not A Dream!

Sorry folks since this article linked is in Malay in source.

I am not surprised that the deputy minister one Mr. Kohilan Pillay simply opened his mouth and said that opposition politicians smear the nation's image by bad-mouthing it to the international press or something. I'm simply repeating this over and over again, this is one of Malaysia's achilles heels that makes it susceptible to international criticism and consequential embarrassment.

See the thing is, many politicians in the current Barisan Nasional fold are still in the dreamland, and with the help of their controlled-MSM-media in their pockets, they are still dreaming that Malaysia is good old same old and so forth, with nothing happening externally and internally that could damage the country.

But people already know. It's the world that wants to know. Know about what? What's really happening. What really happened about the caning. What is the current state of economy? Is it really safe to go in compared to what is said on official media? And perhaps the unfinished mystery of Altantuya, who killed her? Who ordered it? Who are the players responsible.

There are many things the world are pretty skeptical of the half-truth answers given. Sure, some truths are a bitter and pain in the ass but it's the harsh reality that everyone has to face. So, Pillay, wake up. Dreaming is over. This is the harsh reality that Malaysia will have to go through.

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