Friday, March 26, 2010

Hola Hola Hola, It's Another By-Election Fever!

There's always been speculation since last year that the next Parliament level by-election is going to be in Hulu Selangor given that the present MP was ill stricken and unable to perform their duties. You can also know that it could happen when Anwar comes to town to give speeches and on the other hand that Najib launched his mob's Juara Rakyat campaign there last month.

The news hits out that the MP Zainal Abidin Ahmad, passed away just now due to cancer and with that, another by-election, a.l.a Kuala Terengganu or Bukit Gantang is going to happen and will have to do so in the next 60 days or so.

Boy I just love the by-election fever, having been to Bukit Gantang and Bagan Pinang. But in the Parliamentary level by-election, there are plenty of places to cover since there can be several state seats falling under that. One of them is Kuala Kubu Bahru.

I know a good friend of mine Antares is there, so I would love to have you bro, to give us a tour guide besides having the chance to visit your humble home for the first time. I think Edmund should tag along there really...

There are some issues that could not be picked up in Hulu Selangor so whoever is a close friend of our late MP should be able to pick up the baton dropped and complete whatever that's pending. And I just hope that PR should not make the mistake of deciding the candidate. The candidate who is challenging the BN opponent should fit in the general population of that area.

But when is the show starting up? It would be a good platform to state your problems to your parties. Whether it's Anwar sodomy, GST and etc..there's the chance to set the present benchmark.

Start your engines's election fever, though only one seat really.

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