Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The NEP Is Over. Period.

Yesterday at the book launch, Ku Li gave a speech in it with one statement to emphasize that what is old is no longer working in order.

The NEP is over.

I ask the government to have the courage to face up to this. The people already know.

The real problem is that the UMNO Youth wing still harps on this thing as a low cost way to portray themselves as the champion.

Piecemeal policies as they say ain't going to do much.

If politics preceeds economics as what the path they are dictating now, they will be whacked.

Perhaps a Bretton Woods III agreement should come out, but chances are not given of the insistence of superiority of the US Dollar.

There are some people who are not politicians but know better than they do to handle the economy and rebuild or restore it to decency. In that case, just give the job to them if you can't handle it. If you think it's a loss of political power by giving the task to them, you're in pipe dream.

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