Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What If They Didn't Apologize?

Al-Islam could have apologize much earlier and rather save the breath of people who think what they do is an insult and disrespect to the other religion. It's a good thing that it ended well with Archbishop Pakiam accepting the apology of the other party. But somehow, it is defacing the wall with nailing with nails that represents hate and prejudice.

Anyhow, one can imagine how worse it could get if they don't do so. If they don't do so, then it will be the big man representing the race majority (who else besides the Agong of course?) that will have to apologize. Otherwise, there will be more hate and boos from the other races against it. And of course they can't afford to have the 1Malaysia slogan chucked away. I remembered of taking a page from someone who recalled Nik Aziz personally apologizing to the Christian community in Kota Bahru when the local government authorities bulldozed a place of worship without his knowledge.

I can only think of one reason of why the A-G would not charge the two reporters, although whatever he does is making a fool out of himself. Of course we do know that once the AG makes the recommendations the PM has the say on yes or no. But given that this is religion vs religion attack, if the AG goes ahead, it would be a backlash from the hardliners of Najib's own coalition - whacking own Malays and so forth, and thus turning it into a racial issue. Something which is terrible and could implode within his own force.

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