Saturday, March 27, 2010

Showing The Jaguh Kampung For Nothing.

A Malay friend of mine once told me that of why some leaders make decisions that don't make sense or sometimes senseless is simply because they want to show others of how great they are being village champions (juara kampung).

In today's inaugural Perkasa assembly, Perkasa kept talking about retaining the NEP and the ISA. What they say is nothing more of going back to 1970. In fact, if Malaysia takes this leadership into the fold, we would end up behaving backwards, going back to the 1970s instead of moving forward. We are now at the end of the first decade of the new millenium.

If Perkasa says to ensure that Malays get 30% share of the economy, until when the objective will be accomplished? 10 years? 20 years? No. It could go on and on forever since it is proven that UMNOPuteras and GLCs in particular are the ones that chewed up the share intended for the Malay community of Malaysia. The NEP - targetting an abolishment in 1990 has proven to be a failed experiment. Until now, with NDP and so forth, the level is only around 10 percent.

We can't go on with that forever, so this means, that there will be a time where this thing will have to be dropped. Of course you can say the ho has from people especially from Perkasa but what else can they do except to work hard to get the cut as the same as other people do?

And then there is this ISA thing. Why keep it? ISA was originally for communists. But it was warped into putting dissidents. But communists in Malaya are no longer there after 1989. That's why it has to be substituted with a Anti-Terrorist bill.

Why do most leaders think in such manner? To show how great they are? Are they aware of most complicated matters outside Malaysia that could hit the nation anytime? Malaysia could end up like Greece if they are not paying serious attention rather than playing kids games. Look at the picture of Ibrahim Ali with the Keris. Isn't it like what Hisham Hussein did in UMNO Youth?

Having Perkasa is a double edge sword for Najib, for it not controlled, they could present more trouble to the non-Malay community here.

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