Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Taxpayer Money For Player Politician Transfers

I am not surprised to see that many of the hopping of politicians happen from PKR. They are the weaskest link off all the three in the group. And people from there become independents was due to a common modus operandi of having a bagman under Najib and Rosmah's wing to approach and pay them off to become independent. Saying to go over directly to BN will create more anger but becoming independent is lesser, that is the implication of doing so. In the last few days of so, we are seeing in front of our eyes our very own high-profile player transfers a.l.a football player transfers that is happening in the Malaysian political scene.

This modus operandi was almost the same as what happened last year to those two PKR assemblymen in Perak. In Perak, the man responsible of being Najib's bagman was FELCRA chairman Hamzah Zainuddin (see my post last year) who went around offering money of RM 5 million per politician. For Hee, it was an exceptional case that was handled by someone else. For our ex-PKR two, they were promised the same amount but from what I was told by some PKR people, until today, they have yet to get the entire amount in full. Ominous rumors of them planning to go back did circle around for a while, but the PKR state division is unlikely to take them back or so to speak.

Thankfully, we have an exposee by Pete that reveals who are the bagmen and agents that are running around buying people from the PR fold. The interesting thing in there were the names of those who were involved in the buying of players. For example, Lt. Gen. Salleh Ismail of the Military Intelligence was synonymous to being one of the few people to quickly deny of Altantuya murder Military intelligence when word of such existence hit the streets in June 2008. Then you have the husband of Mumtaz Jaafar, a close associate of Rosmah and Saiful's godmother mentioned in there, and so to speak. The one or two paragraphs in there gave me a feeling and inference that those players mentioned there, are possibly those who had to cover their asses of the First Couple over the Altantuya murder, which means saying there's no such thing of that and various other excuses.

Talk about RM 50 million to buy at least 10 MPs from the opposition out, at RM 5 million per person is more or less using tax money paid by us to buy them out. For Tee Beng's case, they settled debts of RM 2 million in exchange of being BN-friendly, as it case indirectly spells out. Can you imagine of money that we paid use for something bad and not for improvements? I pay 7% tax in addition to our 10% service and 5% Gomen Tax and my money is wasted for this? Can you think of a portion of Import duties and other duties relevant is used for this political agenda?

In the last few days whenever a MP announces the decision to go out, Din Hashim is always seen next or behind him. I asked a friend of mine, why is he there all the time? Could it be that Din has one more grudge score to settle with Anwar and PKR? It can be or it can be something else really. Malaysiakini has wrote that although 12 MPs came out to assure their loyalty, question marks still remain on Wee Choo Keong and Zul Noordin.

I am ashame to see my tax money ended up by scum for buying players to join the gomen fold. without my permission I also came to realize that the gerrymandering they really want to do and other things is a stupid thing to do. What they simply do not know that gerrymandering is an Economic Hit Man weapon and doing so could mean that they are selling the nation's pride and economy to outsiders and we all could end up as coolies in future. What if I suddenly say no to such practices that I will not pay my this year's income tax?

So who is actually selling Malaysia and the our hard-earned resources out?

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