Friday, May 11, 2007

Blank Ideas - Virtually Nothing

I finished my Cyber assignment today. Virtually, I just could not think of how to proceed on with doing my work. I just ran out of ideas. It's just to make sure that my new class is working find, I need to come out with a test case which shows the possible results and angles that can be conjured by the JUNIT testing engine to ensure that my new class works fine.

So literally, I think I need to think new ideas by hard at bed or literally refer to the sample test case classes as to get the possible idea of how to kick-start writing a test class.

The QuickTime plugin in my notebook went wrong after I upgraded the software to version 7.1.6. I have no idea how this could happen. I have augmented my Firefox 2 browser with the Grease-monkey plugin with a custom Javascript as to get me to download Apple videos, High Definition format via a special interface. Since the browser keeps crashing because of this, I had to get the file from my desktop machine, which was using the older version of the QuickTime video. QuickTime is my definite favorite in video playbacks. They have better video compression and the best of all is that it offers pre-caching - a method that allows the video streaming to be stored temporarily to ensure optimum playback.

My friend from Sabah and her sister - who will be studying in Inti Nilai will be meeting up with me tomorrow for dinner and the whole next day in K.L. So, I will be doing some spruce cleaning later on and perhaps tomorrow morning. I wanted to leave early - wanted to do some things but I need to get grass cut in front and behind the house.

The guys at JUnit group weren't helpful. None answered my call for help. FUCK.

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