Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Compiling But JAR Missing

I spent the entire day compiling the JAVA archive for one of my office program libraries. I was convinced that everything went right - the essential drivers were there, I followed the building archive protocol and everything. But still the beta file that I am supposed to see did not show up in the "dist" folder of my workspace.

Because of this incident - I thought that I need to commit the files back to the Subversion repository program to do so. Instead, I was reminded and told that I only need to submit back to the repository once I am happy with everything - if nothing goes wrong. The main reason was to prevent corruption to the repository. Yesterday, the library folder repository was locked up. The Subversion program uses the Oracle Berkley embedded DB for storing the files. It was when I checked the FAQ of the error - through a memo sent late night by my manager - that I realized that it must be the abrupt stop command that I've punched in the afternoon. I think it is. My colleague Nadia told me that there's a need to restart one of the main servers since she has just upgraded software in that machine. I wondered if the restart happens while I was compiling it, so I decided to stop it and wait until it restarts completely.

My library archive building protocol uses Apache ANT and Cobertura - a code access calculator
that determines how many portions of the code have been tested. It was just suddenly that I came across the log file that I decided to take a look to see where have I gone wrong.

Turns out that I've set the database server sample configuration location in the wrong machine. I just remembered that it was moved to another server. So it's just another changing to the configuration file and it worked. But another set of problems just came out.

So here I am writing to tell you how stressful it is to go back and look through the whole thing to see where have I gone wrong. Come tomorrow, once this thing is over, I can look forward into working on the second half of the modification. This is indeed one-fifth of the list of modifications that are undertaken by our department to release the 2nd edition of one of our programs.

See...this program is used by majority of our Malaysian tertiary education institutions.

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