Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend Plans and California Cushion

Looks like I got some work to cut out for me this weekend:

1. I will be spending some time going through the series of test classes - I was told that some of the classes use wrong settings since my terminal's settings differed than the ones that my previous colleague used before she left the company. At this time of writing, I am too tired to go on as Simon will be coming to town tomorrow morning and I do not know what time we might be having breakfast. Let's just assume that it will be at 8 in the morning.

2. Since the reschedule of the plans by Edmund, looks like I can only send the phone charger to the shop where I bought that thing either Sunday or Monday. I also need to find a cobbler to repair one of the shoe's heels. But the good thing today is that I got a complimentary copy of Galaxie magazine given by my friend working in The Star - adjacent to my office building.

3. I will be attending the Bloggers United Malaysia forum tomorrow at SS 12 at around 6 p.m, which covers dinner as well. I can at least possibly know more of the blogging phenomenon in Malaysia as well - perhaps ideas to improve my blog's attention to the people.

To commemorate this event, I got a 'NIAMAH' ring tone from Patrick Teoh's blog himself. But I am not very sure what will be Sunday's plan - but definitely I need to watch Spider-man 3. It's already close to three weeks already and I didn't have time to watch. That's where in cinemas you can actually here the 5.1 Dolby track rather than watching the pirated videos. I never trusted their video quality. But some titles that you cannot get in the market - particularly the box titles are worth it. They are original copies.

5. On the other hand, it seems that California has taken various measures to cushion themselves for the coming American economy meltdown. The Governator himself had announced the May budget plans in which one point that intrigued me most is the decision to clear out all bonds in the space of 4 years. I was told the U.S is facing a 14-year period of economy slowdown coming 2009. It's because that the country's economy had reach the ceiling. It seems that Bush administration is breeding ignorance whereas California is aware of it and decides to do their own initiative without awaiting direct orders from Washington.

According to the Schwarzenegger's website:

The May revision retains the January 2007 budget debt's payment proposal:

a) $1.6 billion of Economic Repayment Bonds prepayments, a total of $3.1 billion for the 2007 budget.
b) $88 million in other debt repayments.

"A" is interesting because it states that with that aggressive payment schedule, the bonds will be fully retired 14 years ahead of schedule. This means that they want to prepare at all costs before the thing might happen. Given the statistics, it is likely to happen in 2009 - if it goes at the predicted rate. In addition to that, the current reserves of California is standing at $2.2 billion now. California still remains the major state in the U.S to be aware of the possible disasters, economic and natural - hence beginning to implement strict measures to prevent.

Why can't other states follow California? Influence from Hadley and Bush?

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