Monday, May 7, 2007

Don't Look Back At Jose Now

Sunday's Premiership game between Arsenal and Chelsea ended with a 1-1 draw, thus giving Manchester United the first league title since 2003. The result means that United are ahead by seven points with two games remaining and cannot be caught by Chelsea.

The loss of the title to Man. Utd literally means that amount of prize money from this season is cut substantially. Early of the year, Chelsea club owner Roman Abramovich had to surrender half of his assets to his now divorced wife as part of the divorce settlement. Therefore, it means that Chelsea will not have much money to spend on buying new players for the club. There is a possibility that some players that do not perform well might be sold to other clubs to recuperate the amount of losses.

In 2005/6, Irish comedian Mario Rosenstock, parodied Jose Mourinho in attempting to motivate the players to play as champions. In the spoof track, Rosenstock said:

"Last week, we beat Arsenal..." Don't Look Back At Wenger...

Now it's "Don't Look Back At Jose". Who's laughing now?

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