Saturday, May 12, 2007

Defying Authority?

I met my friend from Sabah with his sister who is starting her tertiary education in N.S. They were here today as to do some necessary shopping including purchasing a notebook for her and buying various hardware. Tomorrow they will be in town again as to purchase a hand phone and to get various stuff and other things that I will not know of now.

I really wanted to take them for some Japanese buffet food but unfortunately all places in K.L and the Golden Triangle area were fully booked from today until tomorrow. Hence I was forced to think of another place to take to eat and I thought of one in the form of TGI Fridays. It costs about half the cost of eating Japanese buffet but the servings are big and three dishes were sufficient to keep us full for the entire night.

Obey or Disobey Authority

Less than two months ago, I have read an article of a Japanese-Hawaiian military man who was court-martialed for his refusal to be deployed to Iraq. He cited that the current war in Iraq is indeed immoral and is not as to ensure peace in that region. To some it means defying authority.

Defying authority? Does this mean to you about this>?

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