Sunday, May 20, 2007

New York Minute

This post was meant to make up for yesterday's post. I intended to cover the coverage of yesterday's concluded Bloggers United Malaysia forum which was held at a club near my place. However, I didn't have much time to do so since I was keeping in touch with the live score between Chelsea vs Man. United in the F.A Cup final - which the final score was 1-0 to Chelsea after extra-time.

This morning, I had some sort of sudden recall of my long-term memory. During one week in 2002, I used to listen to one of my dad's favorite songs, New York Minute which was performed by The Eagles during the group's Hell Freezes Over tour in 1994. I listened just on that song all day long on one week - except I don't hear it when I go for my university classes.

Note: Please do not associate this with the Olsen twins' movie with the same name. It has nothing to do with this and the movie has a different sub-text than this.

There was some sort of sub-text in the song which refers to the current U.S scenario. Two notable moments of the lyrics which was performed by lead vocalist Don Henley were:

1. Everything is going to change - literally anything can happen to New York. This happens when the 9/11 incident occurred. Perceptions changed, everything changed.

I had a social discussion with Edmund and Simon yesterday. We pointed out that the Western world's perception on Asians still remains quite shallow. I was surprised that they still believe that the oldest language in the world would be the Hebrew language, but in truth, the Sanskrit language remains the oldest in the world. And during the prehistoric times, the language that mankind speaks is in the form of drawing pictures.

2. The wolf is always at the door - The 9/11 has an affection on the U.S government. From that on, they started to become a paranoia thing. That preludes to the enforcement of the 2002 Patriot Act pushed by the Bush Administration. Thus, everyone, even the innocent people are subjected to eavesdropping and surveillance which was performed by the NSA, CIA and even the FBI. I remembered reading the fact from Chomsky that during the Ashcroft times, repeated words like "terrorism", "bombs" and anything that is associated to the 9/11 could land you in hot soup.

3. You better take a fool's advice, take them to your home. Because they are here, the next day they are gone - I came to understand that had the U.S take a critical look at reports pertaining to the possible 9/11 attack (that's way before 9/11) or reports that shows the impending disaster that became Hurricane Katrina that heats New Orleans. Ignorance breeds fear and darkness. Preliminary reports were immediately dismissed by the upper echelons of the government, thinking that the effect would be minimal. Imagine what happened next.

Here's the video of The Eagles - this was shot live during the Hell Freezes Tour in 1994.

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