Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Visuals of Larger Than Life

T2 is one of the movies that I just really loved it. Maybe it's because of the unique set pieces that were introduced. Maybe it's just another James Cameron movie or so...

I write this because this is related to the previous post as these two share the same theme: Larger Than Life

But one of the reasons why this film is a enjoyable comic book movie is because of the low angles. Most low angles in the film shows larger-than-life characters. If you look at this clip, you can count a number of low angles to show the stature of the characters: imposing, and larger-than-life figure.
"If the T-800 is a human panzer tank, then the T-1000 is a Porsche" James Cameron (1992)

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  1. I watched T2 a week before my SRP exams in Form 3. Went with a couple of friends. We were into rock music and guitars then. Sat on the second row from the screen in the old Batu Pahat REX Cinema. A bunch of dicks with legs resting on the backs of the front row, laughing at Arnie's "I'll Be Back" and marvelling at the T-1000's transformation sequences. Haha! It was a mighty fun time to live in (ah, how I miss the '90s!)

    BTW, I'm with Iron Man! :)


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