Monday, May 14, 2007


Two things that I've read today....

1. The Maybank discriminatory is over and there are still some people wanting to have that ruling back. An article on the Utusan Malay newspaper revealed that there are seven - called "The Magnificent Seven" members of UMNO - the United Malays Organization - who wanted the bank to retain the pro-bumi policy.

As I have said yesterday, there will be a time where people can no longer depend on such privileges as this would become a crutch to them. According to the paper, among the seven people include Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam, ex-Malacca Chief Minister Rahim Tamby Chik, and ex-Selangor Chief Minister Muhammad Taib.

Like I have told you before, picture this in the share of a pie. 1/2 by Bumi and the rest to be split into numerous races? If there are 16 people eating half the cake, what is the size of the share that every person will get? It's like eating a thin wafer-slice size of the chunk.

And now, there are some Senators that support the pro-bumi policy? The main excuses are that to level the playing field for them.

Do I see that there's something wrong with the mentality?

There a plenty of reasons to have that thing scrapped. The Scribe (AK Jasin)'s blog has this post.

2. Shaziman is accusing us again! On Sunday, there was a blog post - which was not accurate which stated that the PM during his visit to Pangkor Island. In today's article in the National News Agency (BERNAMA), it was stated that the blogger responsible will be traced down and could be charge in seditions act.

However, such thing like that means to convict a person without proof.

Are we starting to be in the side of the U.S Patriot Act? Whereby suspects are held without trial or proof? Just get thrown into prison for nothing except suspicion?

This was TVSmith's quote:
As citizens, we have the right to know and be concerned of the PM's well-being. Instead of timely and factual news from the mainstream media, they waited until some blogs scooped them with some creative reporting. Who gets the blame? Mobile phones? Human beings? Goats?

No, the Internet again.

If this thing goes again, then it's the threat of censorship in blogging and those excuses for the new weapons against the media - laws...! those politicians out's no longer the time to be a dinosaur thing. It would be advisable to get a blog and then type out your posts here. Then you can get the clearer picture of what bloggers do and behave.

Big thanks to Jeff Ooi (Screenshots) for this note.

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