Monday, March 21, 2011

Aren't They Like School Bullies?

This case is not involving violent criminals. But just a young blogger at around my age. And yet, Hanief gets the school bully style of interrogation by MCMC men. But he just put extracts of what others say on his posting. But it really angered the BN-people (cybertroopers, bloggers) - whom we can know by some of them and how they posted their comments or so. Why complaint about that when what is claimed to be a lie is actually true?

There are several points mentioned in the Malaysiakini article in regards of Hanief's description of the interrogation:


“They way I see it, their conduct is more like they are trying to intimidate bloggers,” he said, recalling the heavy handed way the police and MCMC officers raided his house at 11pm last night.

Demand for passwords

The officers asked for his Facebook, Gmail and Blogger passwords. “When they asked me for my passwords, I told them I could not remember, just like Mahathir, I have selective memory,” Hanief said. He was reluctant to reveal his passwords, to prevent intrusion into his privacy, and to protect his lifelihood from his online ventures.

Isn't this more to invasion of privacy? Your business is yours and mine is mine, so you've no right to intrude.

The MCMC officers threatened that his non-compliance may see him jailed for two years or fined RM100,000.

Lawyer: Strong-arm tactics

Hanief’s lawyer N Surendren (a vice-president of Parti Keadilan Rakyat) said Hanief is being investigated for a blog posting “that supposedly disrespected and insulted the Sultan”.

Surendren said the interrogation was an act of “intimidation” and use of “strong arm tactics” by the government. “It is an attempt to crack down on bloggers and the Internet, and goes against our guaranteed freedom of expression.”

I keep wondering whether if there are 10000 instances of such things happening that if 10000 people get sent to Kajang prison for a crimes that are nonsensical or doesn't make sense at all, doesn't that mean to say that the Barisan Nasional and the Home Ministry is trying to shut people up for making criticisms or stating opinions? Isn't this like in school the "shut up and listen, no questions asked" style? Are creating robots at all?
Everyone of us have their own school bullies during the school days. But sometimes, to get people who are accused as criminals to extract information even if they don't know, is somewhat like school bullies. You need psychology to determine whether if this person is a criminal or an innocent bystander by their face or what they would say. One factor alone is not enough.

The below audio recording was taken during the 3-hour interrogation at MCMC office in Putrajaya. You can say that it's the BN-cyber gang that fingered the bloke. Which reminds me..if they used to do things that falls under "menghina sultan" dozens of years ago, why the sudden change of feeling and sentiment? I do have the same opinion that some of us do that they need to fallback onto something that they can cling into now that their avenues of income is gone particularly if they are in the state under PR government. The days of Mr.Commission 50% are gone with them running the show.

Anyhow, you can view the audio below and see how they respond and interrogate our friend below. 

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