Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's It Going To Be Then, eh?

This video details of India's emphasis and the foresight of science and technology. It is no wonder why India produces the best brains that they would go around the world. One thing noted is that they will have to shed the medieval ways in order to move forward.
And what about Malaysia? Malaysia is still practicing neo-feudalism and there are still many things that followed the medieval ways. The Malay saying "don't rock the boat" seems to be resonant everywhere and because they are kept reminded of the past disasters, that many have yet to move forward. Speaking of education, the current success rate is still abysmal with many completed up to secondary levels only.

No matter what the Education ministry is trying to do as of now, they have yet to achieve the satisfactory standards and level of high-economy. Talk about BTN, distorted history and emphasis on non-scientific related stuff, you can't reach that far!

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