Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hanief's Arrest: Warrant Forgotten or Deliberately Skipped?

The young blogger by the name of Hanief (or you can view satirical videos under the Youtube channel Malaysianews) was arrested midnight by MCMC officers. First-hand information about yesterday's matter revealed that the charge is as follows:

1. MCMC and Sentul police officers raided the house and confiscated computer equipment at around midnight.

2. There are several posting that could be alluded to the arrest:
a) The much gossiped Sultan of Selangor with model Kavita Kaur
b) There are several royalty misconduct including an assault on a Negeri Sembilan royalty by a Johor royalty
c) The Manohara Pinot case with the Kelantan prince.

3. If the posting pointed out to the misconduct of royalties, then it is likely that to prevent things from blowing out of proportion that it has been decided to keep things in a hush that the authorities are directed to silence the young man (read: arrest and harass).

4. According to Tian Chua, the Batu MP (Sentul under one of its areas), the sequence of events described in Twitter pieced is as follows. Note: It is in the nick of time that he managed to be there before the MCMC made the poor young man spill out the beans on password:

a) Now the boy is at Sentul police station accompanied by his anxious dad. MCMM/police asking passwords of his 
b) @myy085 @j_stratslinger yes, It is youngster blog, MCMC said he is arrested under "hasutan"
c) balai polis Sentul: MCMC in the midst of interrogating, I ask what authority they have 2detain at midnite. Nobody can show me a warrant.
d) MCMC now threaten to lodge police report against me; I told them if Hanief is not arrested he should be free to
e) MCMC officers admitted they have not issued warrant & thus I requested interrogation 2b stopped. They said Hanief only volunteered to come.

There's the key issue: where is the warrant? By police norms, as in every other country, a warrant of arrest must be shown to the accused to declare that he is under arrest or something. To simply go in and raid without the a search permit and an arrest warrant can tell us that either the police has forgotten basic procedures or deliberately skipped the procedure as to befuddle people who do not know their rights when detained by the police.

Note: It makes sense of why a Buku Merah is an essential thing to know by people.

Let's go back to the recent Anwar Sodomy II thing. One reference to that case above is on the arrest warrant. On the day the cops were out of the house, the officer in charge, SUP Ahmad Taufik Abdullah there did not issue the warrant on the spot. It was only issued later of the day. Note that the order of arrest was issue by Bakri Zinin.

Was there something incorrect about how the procedure went? Not to show the warrant on the spot but only after later on? In the matter of issuing warrant of arrest - was it deliberately skipped or forgotten?

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